Saturday, 11 April 2015

Which is the best Ladies Day experience in the UK?

A race course can never be complete if there are no ladies around. While your reason may be different, their dresses bring in a lot of life in the races. This is their only chance to show the different dress styles along, as everyone tries to stand out within the public stares and the media glares. They love attracting as much camera flicks, probably more than how the race itself would make for the day. It has been evident in various race courses in the UK as we can see below:

Crabbies Grand National
Race goers at Crabbies Grand National are always extremely keen with the sense of class and elegance they bring along. A breath-taking moment does not start with the race, but with the presentation of the ladies. 2014 was an amazing year for the ladies and the most impressive fashionista position was highly contested. The judges had a hard time on deciding on who to crown, owing to the unique dress styles ladies had. Be part of the impeccable dressers, and have an opportunity to catch the attention you’ve been dreaming of. Tickets for the festival, which will be held on April 11, 2015, go for only 39pp. So far, more than 5,000 advance tickets have already been sold, and you’d better get yours soonest possible, lest you miss out.

Royal Ascot
No horse race sets to be greater than the Royal Ascot in the UK. The thrilling race is quite competitive, and it is easy to judge that from the rousing cheers. Different from Crabbies Grand National, the dress code at Royal Ascot is quite defined and strict. However, this does not deny a touch of glamour among the ladies.

Formal wear has been insisted for the race goers. The race organizers are rather concerned with the length of the dresses and skirts for the ladies. The reasonable length has been stated to be slightly above the knee. The tops and dresses need to have an inch or greater length of their straps. Strapless tops won’t be allowed. They should also have the hats. Trouser suits of full length and matching colours are also allowed. Anything else apart from this, is not allowed in the race. The five-day occasion, which sets to commence at 17th June, will as usual, not disappoint.

Cheltenham Festival
For some reason, Cheltenham Festival is known to host very impeccably dressed spectators. The occasion does not have any definite dress code. However, fancy dresses and clothing may be highly discouraged by the unpredictable weather, since the event is mostly held during the winter season. However, baffling expectations are always fulfilled by the ladies who don’t mind the weather.

Glorious Goodwood
From the previous Glorious Goodwood event experiences, spectators look nothing but glorious! From all corners of the country, dressing here is given a priority, higher than spectating the equestrian events. Notable celebrities attend, wearing spectacular dresses. Indeed, the ladies day in this event could not go unnoticed. Although the event seems to be of the mighty and high, everyone is allowed to attend, as long as you afford it.

The best gift you can ever give to a lady in UK, is getting her a glamorous and unique dress, which she can flaunt during one of the many events held. It’s quite clear that ladies love attention, a positive attention of course. It can never get better if she doesn’t get a dress from Forever Unique. For decades, we have been dressing ladies with luxurious dresses, which go in different quality, designs, colours, and match different personalities.

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