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Five Ways To Spice Up Your Workplace Wardrobe

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The spring season does not need to be the hardest to dress for, yet it doesn’t have to be a predictable exercise, either. With weather that can change at the drop of a hat, anything goes. Here are some of our top picks and fashion advice to spice up your springtime wardrobe.

Dressing appropriately in the spring time can be a very harrowing experience. With new colour schemes bursting onto the scene every single year, various fashions and trends from how a garment is cut, to the material that it is made from – looking your best in springtime can be a tall order.

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to be a fashionista; picking appropriate matching corporate clothing on any given day simply does not come naturally to every single person on this earth. It is sad but true, so we thought we would compile the best tips and advice that we could for both men and women to help everyone slip into spring fashion a little bit easier this year.

Trending Time Period
Every year it seems, we are slipping a little bit further into the past, and then right back again. Last year it was the authentic vintage look of the Great Gatsby, and this year we’re coming back a little bit closer to present day fashion – but not too close – this year popular fashion is borrowing a page from the 1970s.

For a man that means button up shirts with floral patterns, and for a woman that means borrowing a look from Jackie Brown. While natural earth tones seem to have dominated the 1970s, there is still always room for a colourful floral pattern on a man.

Bring the Noise
Stripes, plaid, and checked tailoring are back in style again. And a little bit of action in the patterns and lines of your wardrobe can make all the difference between fashion forward and fashion flop.

When it comes to stripes, if you possess a thinner build, make sure that the lines are moving horizontally. And if you are a little larger then we suggest making your stripes flow vertically. Stripes are a great way to add or remove the appearance of body mass.

Checked tailoring is becoming increasingly popular among men, as businesses attire moves away from plain solid colours to clothing with more depth and texture.

Scarves are no longer just for women. Maybe it’s our culture’s current obsession with protest movements, or Maybe Johnny Depp’s influence is finally gaining, but whatever the case more men are wearing scarves today than ever before.

Whatever your gender, a good scarf will provide both function and fashion. A solid wool scarf with checked tailoring and adorned with any popular spring colour such as green, brown, or blue will add sophistication to your wardrobe while preparing you for a random rainstorm or a cold front.

Personal Flair
A little bit of personal flair in one’s workplace wardrobe can completely reinvent an outfit. A carefully placed accessory can really make an outfit pop, while demonstrating your attention to detail. I personally like to use my own personal flair to somewhat lower the intensity of a powerful outfit.

For example, if I’m dressed to the nines with an Armani suit, tie, and immaculately polished brown leather shoes – I may have to rock a pair of socks with animal from the Muppets on them. Most people won’t even notice they were ever there, but I know that I have Animal on my feet … and sometimes I am the only one that I am trying to impress.

The Ground Rules
At the end of the day, no matter what you mix into the equation it is important not to let one attribute or another dominate your entire outfit. For every little bit of fun, have an equal measure of serious. For every brace, loud, noisy pattern – be sure to include enough solid colours to balance it out. Or no colour at all.

And always remember; the spring season is one of the most unpredictable seasons all year round, and it’s just the right time for you to be a little bit unpredictable, too.

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