Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A New Solution To Defeat Hair Loss

It’s easy to spend a fortune on a set of extensions or a wig to cure those hair loss woes, but with more technically advanced treatments such as the Enhance System – a non-surgical treatment by Hair Solved - you can achieve a more realistic and longer-lasting result without having to break the bank.

Enhancer System

Hair Solved developed The Enhance System so that customers could achieve a natural head of hair that would not only be easy to maintain but would protect the remaining head hair. The Enhance System is made up of a high durability scalp mesh, which allows small strands of hair to be carefully threaded through to replicate the natural flow of real hair. Specialist tools are used to secure the mesh with the avoidance of techniques like heat and glue, as this can worsen already damaged hair.

What are the benefits of non-surgical treatments?

-          Non-surgical treatments don’t remove any existing hair. Rather than interfere with your hair, it works alongside it to protect it and aid regrowth.
-          Some surgical procedures may not be successful, which often results in further surgery. Non-surgical treatments, like The Enhancer System, provide effective results that if maintained, can last between 18 months to 3 years. 
-          You will receive advice as to what colour and texture would best suit you but your replacement hair can be customised any way you desire. There are several options to choose from and fully trained staff on hand so you aren’t limited with what you can have.
-          It’s cheaper and less intimidating than having surgery and you don’t have to go through the scary notion of having to prepare yourself for going under anaesthetic. 
-          The results are instant so you leave the studio the very same day with a beautiful head of hair that has been cut and styled to your desire.
-          You won’t have to feel insecure or concerned about people noticing that your hair isn’t real. With the treatment being the most effective and natural-looking hair you can get, you won’t feel worried about standing out to others.
-          It’s easy to maintain and when you need the mesh replacing, you return to the studio and the staff does it for you. Unlike wigs and toupees, you won’t have to worry about it smelling bad or the costly upkeep it entails.
-          Unlike surgery there are no side effects to non-surgical treatments because there’s no medication involved. You know you will receive guaranteed results and can carry on with a normal life.

It is essential to consider your options - no matter what your hair loss story may be - when it comes to finding the right result for you. It’s easy to go for a quick fix to cure your insecurity and to hide your problem, but it’s really important to explore the different choices before committing to anything.
Hair Solved have a great outlook and philosophy on why non-surgical treatments and the Enhancer System gives the most natural and accurate results to ensure maximum customer service and satisfaction.
Check out Hair Solved’s FAQ for more information on the treatment and with an up to 50% cheaper price rate than other leading consultancies, you’re sure to leave the studio feeling completely happy with the result.

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