Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentines Gift Guide For Couples! ❤

Valentine's Day. Like Marmite, you either love it or hate it! Now don't get me wrong, I've been there, done that and in previous years I've put some real effort in to make it a nice day for the two of us. However, this year I am well and truly sick and tired of hearing about it. Probably due to the fact money is tight at the moment, so why the hell would I want to waste what little money I have on tacky gifts and crap for one day of the year?? On the contrary... I've put together this Valentine's Gift Guide For Couples with some useful and meaningful gifts for you and your loved one to choose/shop for together, get some use out of and enjoy together.
HIS N HERS TOWELS // Now I am making the assumption that we all have a wash at some point haha, just kidding. But a nice way to set the mood is to have a nice relaxing bath or shower together. And this "his n hers" towel set would be perfect for the two of you. In contrasting blue and white shades with embroidered writing it would look lovely in your bathroom too.

COUPLES LOVE CUSHIONS // These adorable printed cushions would make the perfect addition to your home! Especially if you're newly engaged. "I stole her heart, So I'm stealing his last name". They could be used on your sofa, or on  your bed for extra decoration :)

VALENTINES DAY COOKBOOK // Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on overpriced meals just for Valentine's day, why not make something together at home? This Valentines cookbook is ideal for you to pick out a recipe together and have fun cooking with your other half! :)

HISS N PURRS VALENTINES MUGS // As soon as I saw these mugs on Simoney name badges, I fell in love. You may have already noticed I'm quite the "Crazy Cat Lady" and these cute feline printed mugs make the perfect combination with a nice cuppa tea for you and your "Crazy Cat Guy".

COUPLES PUZZLE KEYRINGS // A little novelty, but I think these are really cute. They look nice, and would be perfect to attach to your house keys.

COUPLES DATE JAR // A way for you to plan some time together. The jar contains 12 cards with ideas for fun and romantic dates, along with 12 blank cards for you to plan your own! You fold up the cards, and then pick out one each week/fortnight/month (however often you like) and do what is on the card you've chosen :)

FAVOURITE LYRICS PRINT // If you have a song you both love, why not get one of these prints made with the lyrics on it, and hang it somewhere in your house. Not only does it look great, but will be meaningful for the both of you in your home!

ALWAYS KISS ME GOODNIGHT WALL STICKER // If I was allowed to decorate(unfortunately I'm limited due to rented accomodation) I would definitely get one of these wall stickers for the bedroom to go above the bed! This is a lovely quote, and perfect for a couples bedroom.

VALENTINES PRINTED COUPLES T SHIRTS // Another novelty idea, but I thought these Valentines couples t-shirts were really fun and cute. If you aren't brave enough to wear them out together then they would be good to wear and slob out in the house together. 

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