Monday, 16 February 2015

Secrets To Keeping Your Diamond Jewellery Sparkling Clean

Image by: Macroscopic Solutions 

While diamonds may be the hardest substance on earth, they can still be damaged so it's imperative to handle them with care. Technically, diamonds can only be cut by another one, but many things can cause your diamond ring so use caution and take it off and store it if you're going to be doing tasks that may damage it.

Tips for Caring and Cleaning Your Diamond Ring:
Cleaning your diamond needs to become part of your regular routine so that it lasts forever. With these tips, it should keep its sparkle:

  • Avoid touching your diamond ring as little as possible, as well as preventing others from actually touching the diamond when exclaiming over the new ring.
  • Remove your ring before doing daily activities such as showering, dishes, or laundry. This is because soap or detergent forms a film on the diamond, making it appear dull. Take off your ring and store it a specialized ring holder.
  • The same could be said for using hand cream, perfume, or make-up while wearing your engagement or wedding ring. Grease and oils affect diamonds so when it accidently gets on your ring, it can harden between the prongs, and the diamonds will set in the ring.
  • Leave your rings at home in a jewellery box when swimming or playing other sports. Diamonds become scratched easily, and chlorine can damage them even further.
  • Store your rings in a fabric-lined jewellery case with separate compartments so your diamond jewellery will not touch other pieces and get scratched. Consider keeping each in its fabric pouch for extra protection.
  • Clean your diamond jewellery routinely, at least once or twice a week. Use an ammonia-based solution like a window cleaner and soak your ring in it overnight. In the morning, remove it, and clean it, with a new, soft-bristled toothbrush and remove any extra dirt and grime. Pay attention to the back of the diamond as dirt can get hidden there. Rinse with warm water and dry with gentle lint-free cloth.
  • Use caution with antique rings as they may be fragile so clean them gently so you don't disturb anything.
  • Use a professional cleaner from the jeweller. Many diamond brokers in Queensland will recommend that you have a professional do your cleaning for you. Leave it to the experts. Most of these feature their own cleaning tray and brush. Some of these include strainers right in the tray to make it easier to clean your diamond jewellery.
  • Check over diamond jewellery regularly, looking for any loose stones and issues with your prongs. Take it to your jeweller immediately if you see any problems and at least once a year just for preventative maintenance. Besides tightening the diamond, they can retip the prongs if they've become too thin.
  • Take your diamond jewellery to your jeweller to get professionally cleaned yearly. While you can an ultrasonic cleaner at home, it's recommended to let the professionals handle it. This method sends high-frequency sound ways through its detergent to clean your diamonds but sometimes it can jar loose stones so it's better to have it professionally cleaned. 

Did you purchase your custom made diamond engagement rings? If so, you'll probably remember the proposal for years to come and want your ring that long as well. Have you tried some of the above tips before or do you have others to share for keeping your diamond rings sparkling clean?


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