Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Purrfectbox Review - January Edition

Ever wondered what your feline friends are saying with their endless "meowing"? What's really going through their heads, and what would they tell us if they could speak human?? Well I thought it would be a fun idea to let my little Furrbabies Bella and Felix(read more about them here) guest post for this review today... 

Felix: "To my fellow male kitties, I don't really care that the box is pink, it looks funky, so I'm gonna go and sit in it for a while and let the crazy lady takes some photographs!"

Bella: "Suppose I'll just take a back seat for a while, and watch while that idiot poses for photographs in the box, then I'll kick his ass in a fight for the goodies!"

We already have endless amounts of fun toys and tasty treats from mommy, but we are pretty hard to please! However when a surprise gift from the lovely people at Purrfectbox arrived whilst we were asleep in our cosy hut we soon woke up to find out what was inside! Purrfectbox is a monthly subscription box for cats! Containing a range of treats, toys and care for us kitties! Anyway, after we scrapped it out between ourselves, we did some investigating, to find the box was packed full of great stuff including:
- Something new to scratch, instead of the usual... humans, furniture, curtains and textured wallpaper, in the form of this awesome Wasabycat wooden scratching block, which came with catnip to sprinkle between the slats - which sends us crazy (although we're pretty crazy already).
- A couple of new play toys, we were particularly a fan of the horse? shaped one which makes a rustling sound - we like noisy things! The other one was from Flamingo cat toys, which is on an elastic string - great fun! Although we're sure these will soon be lost in the cat toy graveyard underneath the sofa! 
- A rather posh looking sachet and tin of Tuna cat food from Schesir. We scoffed the lot without complaint - literally did not touch the sides!
-  Avanti crunchy cat treats - these look a lot like our favourites(Dreamies) and taste just as good too, so we are happy. 
- Last of all the Sanicat Professional Aloe Vera Wash Mitts. Let's get one thing straight - We do not like having a bath... not one little bit! But because we are still young, we haven't quite got the hang of cleaning ourselves yet, so mom keeps bathing us - where we cry, throw water everywhere and scratch everything in sight. So these mitts are a welcomed relief - we can be cleaned without being thrown in the bath, and we smell really lovely afterwards too ;)
If you have a special feline friend like us, then you should  get your paws on a Purrfectbox monthly goody box for your cat subscription, for just £19.90 (inc. delivery) - A small price to pay for a purr-ing furballs happiness?!

We are lucky enough to have been given a loving home, but there are a lot of us who are less fortunate and ended up in shelters after being abandoned. Purrfectbox do their bit by contributing financially to help to the rescue, feed, train and re-home these poor, innocent little babies into their new forever-homes! So each time you buy a Purrfectbox not only does it makes your cat happy, it makes cats all over the country happy too! Why not check out this lovely little video :)


  1. Aw your kitties are so cute! They remind me of when my cat was that small :)! Pet boxes seem like such a fun idea and I love that the company helps rescue animals xx

  2. aww I really need to sign up to this myself, my kitties would love it, Bella and Felix are just too cute x x x

  3. awww your cats are so adorable!!! xx

  4. Aww your cats are adorable, I love the idea of spoiling your pets with a subscription box!