Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Next thing she's wearin' my Rolex ♬

Next thing she's wearing my Rolex ♬... Yeah we all know that line of that song...

I will begin by saying, or rather stating the obvious, that given my current financial situation I could only ever dream of owning a Rolex! However many stylish and influential celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are very often snapped wearing luxurious timepieces by Rolex, and aren't they just gorgeous?! The watches I mean! As well as the ladies wearing them of course!

Anyway, I was recently invited to check out Swiss-Wrist.com, who are one of the worlds largest online retailers of Rolex. they have a huge range of watches and have been providing customers with a high quality service in the luxury watch industry for over a decade. All their products are covered by a 3 year warranty and have a lifetime authenticity guarantee, so you're bound to be happy with your purchase, and if not, offer a great refund and exchange policy. Swiss Wrist offer both new and used Rolex, and all their used products have been through a complete overhaul and service to restore the timepiece to it's original factory spec - guaranteeing you peace of mind!

I decided it would be a nice idea to write a little feature here on my blog showcasing some of my personal favourite watches from their website in the ladies Rolex watches section. I have pictured my 3 favourite above! 

On the left, is a pre-owned 18K yellow gold piece from the Crown collection. This is my absolute favourite, and it's really not hard to see why! It's so blingy, I love it! It has a pearl face, with diamond bezel and dial - link

Next up is the two-tone rose gold watch, again this has a pearlescent face - love! This one has a fluted bezel which adds a little extra detailing! This one does have some diamonds for the dial on the face too which looks gorgeous without making the sparkles too over the top! - link 

Finally, this one would be a little out of my usual style choice, but I couldn't resist because the deep navy coloured face just looks so classic and different! It's a yellow gold piece from the midsize Presidents range, and has a diamond bezel and gold dial, everything about this watch just looks completely luxurious! - link 

What Rolex would you love to own?

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