Friday, 13 February 2015

Antique, Vintage and Period Jewellery

Unfortunately being on a tight budget, like I'm sure most of my readers are too, fashion jewellery seems to be the way to go! As its not only budget-friendly but convenient and easy to swap and change with each outfit/style. But seriously, what I wouldn't give to own a piece of fine jewellery! How gorgeous are these pieces I've picked out??

I love coloured stones in rings, my favourite stone is the Sapphire! The blue is just so beautiful, I also like Diamonds, Pearls and Pearlescent stones, and I've put together the above collage with some of my favourite things!

They are all from the George Tarratt website, who specialise in all kinds of fine jewellery. I've literally been browsing through the Antique/Period section of their website for the past hour! There are some truly mesmerising pieces. Perfect for that special someone in your life!

Let's just clear up a couple of things first... Antique means that the item is 100+ years old. Often meaning that you'd be very hard pushed to find one the same, not to mention that it will be of a high quality, hand-crafted workmanship as it has stood the test of time, so well worth investing in!

A term that gets used quite often in the blogger world is Vintage and from doing a bit of research, this term applies to jewellery which is over 20 years old, but under a century.

The term Period, classifies the time during which the piece was made, for example, some common periods are: Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Naturally Antique, or even Vintage jewellery, could be seen as a nice investment for a family heirloom, to pass on through the generations to come!

What piece of jewellery would you like to own? And what is your favourite Period style?

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  1. These pieces are beautiful :-) I always like fashion jewellery for adding to more casual outfits x | Giveaway