Thursday, 26 February 2015

2015's Most Stylish Sleepwear

With the world famous fashion shows grabbing the headlines in New York and London, it's always interesting to see what new styles the leading designers are going to dazzle us with.

However, one area that frequently seems to be omitted from the catwalks is sleepwear. Maybe it's meant to be a private choice, or maybe it's not quite as glamorous as that full-length gown. But seeing as we spend around one third of our lives in bed, I thought it's about time that I checked out the most fashionable sleepwear out there for 2015.

One of the most surprising style headlines of recent times was the incredible resurgence of the humble pyjama shirt.

The pyjamas were introduced to England in the 17th century as a form of loungewear and have repeatedly fallen in and out of fashion. But 2015 could be the year of the pyjama as Debenhams reportedly saw a 34% surge in sleepwear, with pyjamas making a subtle transition into daywear thanks to style icons like Cara Delevingne rocking the pyjama look

Recent pyjama trends include colourful floral prints on silky or cotton fabrics that work especially well when worn with a tailored jacket to add a touch of definition to your look.

And with summer swiftly approaching, it's a great and relaxed look for gracefully reclining on those long and sleepy summer afternoons!

Another on-trend sleepwear design that is making resurgence is the night-gown. This offers a much more glamorous look than the ratty T-shirt or horrendous onesie!

Top designer Vera Wang recently launched a sleepwear range with a gloriously soft cotton nightgown. The gown features a beautiful floral design in rich turquoises and purples that will offer a fantastic bit of garden party glamour to your boudoir!

Sleepwear is increasingly becoming important as our bedrooms shift from being places of sleep to areas of the house where we perform a variety of activities. That’s why it’s worth making sure that not only your sleepwear is comfortable and functional, but that your bed is up to standard, so why not treat yourself to an upgrade with a luxurious bed with fitted headboard!

The pyjama-short set
This is a very stylish and chic look that is also light enough to stop you overheating in bed. There are many matching outfits in this style and it's great to see many designers such as Honey Dew offering colour-coordinated styles that are cute, compact and highly functional!

The chemise
Although this is somewhat more glamorous than the some of the other items on the list, the chemise is a very sensual and lightweight style of sleepwear.

Calvin Klein recently introduced a typically minimalist chemise in black satin with a sharp V-neck that manages to be soft, flattering and highly stylish!


  1. I love pjs, i practically live in mine =]

  2. I live in my pjs haha. The bigger, baggier and more unflattering the better! x