Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blogmas Day 6 | The Christmas Tag ❅

My sister Sarah from Morrall Of The Story Blog tagged me for The Christmas Tag, and I thought I would include it as part of my Blogmas series this year, so here are my answers...

1) What is your favourite winter/Christmas scent?

I love the smell of freshly baked mince pies, and also the smell of Christmas/winter candles! 

2)What is your favourite winter drink?

Hot drinks for sure, and I think one of my favourites are hot chocolates - we have recently discovered the Maltesers White Hot Chocolate which is absolutely delicious! 

3)What is your favourite item of clothing to wear in the winter/ near Christmas?

Woolly hats, scarves and jumpers! Love to be wrapped up warm and cosy in lots of knitwear!! 

4)Favourite Christmas song?

Chris Rae "Driving Home For Christmas" a great song to listen to in the car! ;) 

5) Favourite Christmas movie?

The Home Alone movies are a definitel classic favourite of mine, but I really fancy watching The Grinch this year because I haven't seen that in years! 

6) Are you on the naughty or nice list this year?

I think I'm on the nice list this year, I hope so anyway :) 

7) Where do you usually spend Christmas?

Ever since I can remember, me and my family have all spent Christmas day at my Nan and Grandads house with my Auntie/Uncle and cousins. I can't see this changing any time soon. Although it may be a little different this year considering I no longer live with my parents. We will see. 

8) Where do you wish you could spend Christmas?

On a nice relaxing holiday somewhere, away from everything!! 

9)What is your favourite part of a Christmas dinner?

Yorkie puds for sure! Oh, and probably "Pigs In Blankets" and Brussel Sprouts! 

10) What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

I just like Christmas in general, I like how it brings everyone together and you get a lot of quality time with your family over Christmas, especially considering I get almost 2 weeks off work for Christmas Shutdown - I love not being stuck at work all day and being able to actually make good use of my time! 

I tag anyone who would like to do this tag! Leave me a comment if you do decide to do this, I'd love to check out your answers! 

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  1. Oh I love this tag! Definitely going to try this one! And it is great that you get time off of work to relax and re-charge.