Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas Day 19 | StyleLux Blackhead Killer Gift Box

StyleLux Blackhead Killer Gift Box | £89.00

A little while back I reviewed the StyleLux Blackhead Killer Peel Off Face Masks and from my review you could tell that I really liked the product and would definitely recommend. So when Stylelux offered me the opportunity to review their latest release... the Blackhead Killer Gift Box I couldn't refuse! 

The Blackhead Killer Gift Box is a little on the pricey side at £89.00 so it's definitely more of a luxury beauty buy, but it contains 3 excellent quality products; 

Blackhead Killer Facial Cleanser this renewing cleanser is designed to wash away impurities that clog up your pores and prevents blackheads from forming. It is suitable for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and soft/smooth. It also prepares your skin for the rest of the treatments in the gift set. 

The Blackhead Killer as I already mentioned I've written a full review on this face mask which you can check out here if you like? But a quick rundown is that it is a revolutionary product in the form of a thick black gel, which you apply to your face, leave to dry and then peel off afterwards. In doing so you remove blackheads, impurities and excess oil in minutes! Leaving your skin super soft and also prevents blackheads in the future.
The Blackhead Killer Face Moisturizer This is the ideal moisturiser to finish off the treatment as it hydrates your skin and closes your pores. It also reduces redness and irritation, which is very important because when I tried the face mask I did find that the peel off mask irritated my skin a little. 
Anyway, this is a fantastic kit, and ideal for anyone who suffers with blackheads, or even as a luxury skin treatment for the beauty lovers in your life! In all honesty, it really does work, and if it works then 99% of the time it's worth paying a little more!