Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Perfect Proposal? ❤

(Image from Pinterest - Edited by me)

"Will you marry me?" - Those four words that should mark an amazing moment in your life that you will cherish and remember forever and tell your children about etc... So naturally when you hear those words from your partners mouth, or if you are the one to pop the question you want everything to be just perfect!

I was recently asked, what is my idea of "The Perfect Proposal"? And I thought it would be fun to write about how I'd have liked this to happen if I was given the opportunity to choose exactly how everything happened! Just for the record, I got engaged in February this year, and you can catch up here on my wedding blog post series if you'd like?

First and most importantly, make sure this is something you have discussed and that it's something you both want for your future together! Personally I never have been and still aren't planning to ever get married. However, marriage is an important part of life for a lot of people, but you have to make sure it's something you both agree with and want.

The ring.
Whether you decide to go and pick out a ring together, or whether you're choosing a ring as a surprise - you need it to be good, really good! I think we would all love a massive Diamond ring on our finger for us to show off to our family and friends. But a diamond ring doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. Chisholm Hunter have an amazing range of Diamond Engagement Rings ranging from just £195 to a whopping £25,000 - so there's something for all budgets!! If I had the choice I would have chosen a simple 9ct Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring... My ring wasn't like this, and actually broke a couple of months afterwards, so I don't even have a ring to wear anymore :(

Anyway... Material things ay? What really matters is the thought that goes into the actual proposal...

Public or Private?
Personally I've never liked my life to be public. I'm a very private person, so naturally I would want to be proposed to privately (which Ashley did - maybe a little too privately and casually though - won't go into details because he won't be very happy if he reads this!) I'm glad he didn't ask me in front of a crowd of people though - that would have been super embarrassing!

The Location?

A lot of people say propose where you first met, but that would have been impossible considering it was on the car park at college, how romantic...Not! So... whisk them away on a romantic holiday - I would like just a countryside cottage holiday, here in the UK will be fine as long as the weather was nice! I would love to be proposed to in some Pinterest-worthy scenery, like the photo I featured at the top of this post that setup is so cute! - I should probably mention here that I would have liked some photos to be taken capturing the moment (so a photographer would come in handy) Maybe photographing you whilst the pair of you were out walking in the woods...holding hands... cuddling and kissing, and just being yourselves, you get the gist. And then a photograph of him getting down on one knee and popping the question and the surprised look on your face when he asks! I love photographs and this would be a great thing to have to look back on in years to come! (Just for the record, I don't have any photographs)

What would you be wearing? What would he be wearing?
As I would like to have photographs taken, maybe dress up a little wearing a cute dress, do your hair and makeup nicely, but still keep it as natural looking as possible. Not really bothered what he's wearing - whatever he feels comfortable in.

When would it be?
Popular times that people get engaged are public holidays and celebrations... i.e Christmas & Valentines Day. We actually got engaged on the day after Valentines Day. I hated this, because it takes away the fact that its YOUR special celebration. So ideally I would have liked it to have been on our dating anniversary... Which was only a couple of months ago on the 16th September we had been together 5 years... This would have been a much more unique and special time to propose... Anyway, yes, make it a memorable date for the two of you so that you can celebrate together in years to come, without other celebrations getting in the way!!

Hen Heaven took to the streets earlier this year and filmed a short video asking passers by what their idea of the perfect proposal would be. This made me laugh, so you might wanna check it out :)

So, there's my idea of my perfect proposal, what would yours be? 

Or, to put a twist on things... if you're engaged already - did your partner do well or what would you change? 

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  1. My husband did very well on the proposal :) Where we first kissed, on the day we first kissed (but 3 years later obviously), not in public, and he was nervous as hell which was adorable. I do have a question though, and I don't want to sound rude at all! Why are you engaged, if you are not planning on getting married? Engaged is after all, engaged to be married!

  2. Hey Hannah, that's such a lovely way that your husband chose to ask you to marry him! It's definitely the thought that counts and something that's special for you both!

    & No I don't find that rude at all, no worries... Marriage just isn't something that I've ever really been bothered about, the way I see it, in my life at the moment and how I've been brought up etc there are more important things in life. Instead of spending money getting married (I know the ceremony doesn't have to cost the earth, but its still an expense I just can't and don't think I'll ever be able to afford).

    When my boyfriend proposed, he was well aware of my thoughts on this, but I think being able to say we are "engaged" rather than just dating offers a little more security and bonds you together. Also, I know lots of couples who have been engaged for like forever, but don't have plans to be married any time soon.

    Maybe one day my mind will change, but for now I'm happy not getting married :)

    Thanks for your comment, it's really appreciated! x

  3. I was engaged for 3 years before we got married, I was never to bothered about it, weddings do cost a lot and I only did it because I decided life was to short after my mum had passed, being engaged does give that extra security, I get that :) I know when it happens for you though it will be beautiful, there is just to much to save for these days, it's annoying.

    However I tecken if I could do it all over, I'd of loved a photographer to have captured it.
    I loved reading your perfect proposa, mine too was private.

    x x x x