Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Furniture Ideas To Maximise Use Of Space In A Small and Open Plan Home

Furniture Ideas To Maximise Use Of Space In A Small and Open Plan Home

Since moving into our first home one thing we've struggled with is finding furniture that will suit and fit the space we have. It is spacious but I feel that a lot of the space is wasted as it's all open plan. Anyway, I've found a few furniture items which I feel would help to maximise the use of small spaces and open plan homes and decided to put them together in a home wish list style post today...

I've been lusting after the Dunelm Toulouse White Dressing Table for absolutely ages! I really like the traditional detailing, and it is quite slimline - totally ideal for our small bedroom! Every girl should be able to get ready sat at a beautiful dressing table each morning!

For the living area, I'd really like a Sofa Bed! A sofa bed would be particularly handy for us because we only have one small bedroom, so if we had friends or family over we could convert the sofa into a bed for them. I do have my eye on both the Charcoal and the Brown colour - both could work with our living room decor, but you can see the full range here at Cookes Furniture.

Staying within the living area, we've already bought a coffee table and dining table from Ikea, in the Black-Brown shade which you can see some snaps of in My Home Tour Post. These Ikea Kallax Shelving Units (which can also be used as room dividers because they are finished all round) would be really handy to store DVD's, books, paperwork, folders, magazines etc! So a great storage idea! Not to mention you can buy some of the extras; drawer and door inserts, and Drona Canvas Storage Boxes to compliment the shelving.

I mentioned that we already have a dining table, but we do have a large empty floor space, which we could fill up with this cute circular Stowaway Dining Table! This would be handy for me to sit at to do my blogging, as I like to have a separate space, and also we can use the spare seats when we have guests round. This particular table is an unfinished oak, so I could always paint it to match the room. 

Also from Ikea I noticed these really cute Hemnes Shoe Cabinets - the doors pull down to reveal your shoes, not to mention they are really slim units so can easily be put in a hallway or something where you have a narrow space. It even has a small drawer at the top to put little bits and pieces in! I hate having shoes on show so this would be ideal for me.

Finally, our bathroom is pretty small, and storage for toiletries is very limited, and let me tell you...I have a tonne of toiletries! I've decided that the best way for us to maximise space in our bathroom is to fit a tall unit next to the bath/shower. I really like the style of this Manhattan Tall Boy Bathroom Unit from Argos. Its got a range of open shelves, and door unit, along with some wicker baskets to act as drawers. Perfect - and an absolute bargain! 

How do you use furniture to make the most of the space in your home?


  1. My room is really small so this post was really helpful inspiration!! I've been searching for a vanity table for so long and I'm in love with the vintage design of the Dunelm Toulouse White Dressing Table! It's a perfect piece for a girls room!!


  2. I think small homes are better and It your tips how to maximise space are very useful! I like the space with not to much furniture and bright minimalistic interiors.


  3. I myself have a sofa bed in my room so when I have friend over it is more practical :))


  4. I really love those little circular dining tables. We live in a tiny basement flat, and I hate having to put up and put down our table for every mealtime. I'd also love to be able to sit at a table and blog like you say!!