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I was recently thinking about blogging and how it has changed my day to day life! And how it has in some funny and some non-funny ways damaged my general well-being. I have not really applied this to a particular type of blogger (beauty,fashion etc) but just to bloggers in general.

Your budget completely goes out the window at the make up/clothing store!  
Unfortunately, even with the best intentions to walk into the store with a list in hand of the only products you need/want... We beauty bloggers can't resist a bargain! 3 for 2, buy one get one free, free gift with purchase can be an absolute nightmare for shopping on a budget, and you end up spending a tonne more than you ever intended and then feeling bad about it afterwards.

You keep all your new and unopened products separate ready to photograph before use! 
Everytime I get new stuff, they get shoved away in a box, unopened and unused, until I get chance to photograph them. I hate photographs of used products, it just looks so much better when they are brand spanking new and shiny! 

You spend half your life with a camera in hand "just in case".
Although I've always been a bit of a photographer wanna-be at heart, I've only really noticed how often I carry my camera around unnecessarily, "just in case" I might need to get some quick snap shots to feature on my blog about where I've been or what I've done. The problem with this is, you spend so long trying to get good photo's to showcase on your blog, that you forget about actually enjoying the experience!

You lust after a Canon 600D (The bloggers favourite) DSLR Camera
We all know that Zoella uses, and recommends this camera for blog photography, so naturally, everyone wants one of these! Unfortunately this costs so much that most of us just have to make do with whatever we can afford. For reference I use the Samsung Galaxy Camera - which personally I think is amazing! 

You get "Square eyes" and RSI from using the computer for too long!
I work in an office full time doing computer work, so this probably doesn't help the fact, but when you're using a computer for so long, and every day you start to notice that your eyes get tired very easily - which I personally believe is part of the cause for my poor eyesight. Not only this but I've started to notice my hands and wrists really ache after typing for so long and clicking away on the mousepad - Me and my sister have started to call this "Blogger's Finger" haha! But no, in all seriousness, you can get Repetitive Strain Injury if your desk/work area is not properly set up or you're not taking the right precautions. On another note (mainly applying to your job rather than blogging) you can put forward arm injury claims with Leo Claims for problems such as RSI.

#Hashtags take over your social media!
Whenever I post a photograph or status update to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I literally have about 20 #hashtags to accompany the image or post to get more exposure and get more traffic to your blog! #lbloggers / #bbloggers / #fbloggers are some of the most popular ones used amongst bloggers. 

You find yourself laughed at for arranging your food neatly on your plate.
This can't just be me who does this? Picture this... You're at a restaurant, and your food arrives, you then spend so long re-arranging your plate(much to the amusement of other people around you) to make it look good for a photograph then applying a nice filter and then hashtagging #foodporn on Instagram, before finally tucking in and end up eating a cold meal!

You find your email inbox inundated with general emails to review irrelevant products.
Sometimes I do feel bad about ignoring these emails, but when a PR/Media company has literally sent the same general email to their entire contact list, and not even bothered to address it to you personally, and want you to review the most irrelevant, silly products, you have no other choice.

You buy products which will probably never be used, just cos your favourite blogger liked it! 
I've found myself doing this no end of times, you will buy the most disgusting looking dress or the most vile colour of eyeshadow, just because it looked good when one of your favourite bloggers was wearing it! 

When someone mentions MAC, you either think make up or computer.
Before I got into blogging, if anyone had mentioned "mac", I would have thought what, like a rain mac or something, but nowadays... its either MAC make up or Apple Mac computers (I wish I could afford these!)

You have your own makeshift "product photographing" area in your room/house!
I know that a lot of Bloggers take amazing photographs for their blog, and they go to extreme lengths (studio lighting etc) and put a lot of work in to achieve the effects, However most of us are that pushed for space have to get a little area in our room set aside, with basic white background, in good, natural lighting and stick a pretty flower or decorative item in the background. 

If you can relate to a few or the majority of these points, you know you're a blogger!

Why not turn this into some sort of Blogger Tag, and do this on your own blog? :)

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