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Vashi | Zodiac Engagement Rings

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One of the most important parts of a proposal, along with how you propose, is the ring - which your loved one will be wearing for the rest of their life, so you're going to want to get them something special which they will be proud to show off to all their friends and family!

Some of my regular readers will be aware that I got engaged back in February this year, and he did of course get me a ring, which I unfortunately can no longer wear because it broke(we won't go into this in too much detail) anyway, I would love a new engagement ring, but with financial difficulties, this is not going to happen. This won't stop me lusting after a new one though...

I came across’s zodiac engagement ring lookbook and thought it would be a great post, especially for those of you who might be thinking about popping the question to your loved one? Honestly, words cannot describe these rings, and anyone who receives one of these should definitely SAY YES - because you've definitely got a keeper ;) 

"If you find yourself in a dilemma when choosing a ring for your future bride, why not find inspiration in astrology? It's one of the most tricky and daunting decisions in your lifetime so turn to the planets for help. Be inspired by your partner's astrological sign to make your choice. A truly unique engagement ring, reflecting certain aspects of your lover's zodiac sign and personality, will help ensure the right jewellery choice for life. It's in her horoscope..."


Round Cut 0.78 Carat Halo Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold
Known for their strong character and powerful personality. Aquarius women are curious, creative and most importantly exhibit an adbundance of love for their nearest and dearest. Big and glamorous is definitely what you require and so is this round cut diamond in a sparkling halo setting.


Round Cut 0.40 Carat D/VS1 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
The Pisces is one of the most sensitive and intuitive star signs. Being attached To Jupiter and water, the Pisces woman exudes an adorable personality. Choose the best-selling Round brilliant diamond for the jubilant Pisces women. It’s stylish, modern tension setting safeguards the ring making it the centre of attention – a true reflection of the infectious Pisces’ character.


Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
The Aries star sign represents passion and courage, and proves an extremely vibrant personality. Linked to the planet Mars and the element of fire; they also show true determination. The Aries star sign is not one to fade into the crowd so an rare Marquise diamond allows confidence and certainty to shine through, ideal for a woman like you.


Oval Cut Engagement Ring
Taurus signs have a persevering character and are known for their decisive and passionate traits. Related to the planet Venus and the element of Earth, the Taurus bull is led by its desire and purpose. An Oval diamond has the fire of a Round cut but is a more unique aesthetic. Therefore perfect for a vibrant Taurus women.


Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Born in the late spring air, Geminis are positive about the joy of living. Their twin personalities know how to please and seduce their loved ones. Scintillatingly sparkly, a Radiant cut centre stone with added side stones is perfect for the Gemini woman who loves to charm and delight!


Round Cut 0.50 Carat F/VS1 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
The Cancer star sign is the ultimate representation of family life. Her known characteristic include sensitivity, intimacy with a hint of coyness. Cancer carries a lot of attention and love for those close to them, be it family or friends. Connected to the Moon, this sign is very emotional (despite her attempts to hide it). For the Cancer women, less is more. The iconic simplicity of a Round cut Solitaire is prefect for their subtle nature.


Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
The Lion represents the sizzling middle of summer! Leos are known to be dominant and quite the independent women. As this star sign is connected to the element of fire and Sun, its sacred character, is also very generous, passionate and fiercely loyal.Yellow gold provides the fiery sunshine Leos love, whilst the spectacular Cushion cut appeals to their zealous and energetic personality.


Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
As the Virgo star sign falls under the planet Mercury, it’s notable traits middles a logic and organised woman. Devoted to those around her yet an independent perfectionist, the Virgo woman requires trust and stability.The sharp lines of an Asscher diamond display organised perfection perfect for the observant woman. Your attention to detail personality will see no fault with this elegant piece.


Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Libras show serenity and honesty and are subtle and generous to those around them. A sign related to the air and also to the planet Venus, can often be unpredictable. A charming and enticing engagement ring, that dazzles your changeable personality is the ideal ring for you. The Pear cut diamond is the perfect choice, especially for it’s sparkling and rare form.


Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
The Scorpio star sign hates to disappoint and requires less than nothing in return. Her love for family, life and friends, makes this sign an extremely passionate and emotional lover. With so much emotion and desire to love, the romantic Heart cut is perfect choice for a devoted Scorpio woman.


Round Cut 0.14 Carat Blue Sapphire Side Stone Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold
The Sagittarius is energetic and has true enthusiasm for life. With an easily adaptable nature, the Sagittarius woman makes it her business to make sure that everyone’s needs are met especially her loved one.For the bold and lively Sagittarius, a hint of colour will definitely have you gleaming from years to come.


Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Capricorns are ambitious and always determined to succeed. Related to Saturn and the earth, the Capricorn woman is solid in nature and can sometimes forget their sentimental and whimsical side. Resilient over mushy, the Emerald cut evokes power and strength. Matched with a diamond encrusted band, this beautifully crafted ring embodies your passion and love for commitment.

What's your star sign - and do you like the matching Zodiac ring?

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  1. wow what an amazing idea, especially as mine and my boyfriend's signs are the same; cancer. I love that ring too. xx