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Top Tips For Packing To Move House / Move Into Your First Home

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I understand that this post may be very different for everyone who reads it, as you will most likely be in a completely different situation to another reader, whether it be that you are, like myself... moving out of your parents house and into your first house/apartment, or if you are moving from one house to another with all your own belongings. However the basic concept of packing your belongings ready to move remains the same. Keep it as organised, clutter free and as transport friendly as possible. And I've come up with some top tips for todays post, along with doing a bit of research for some other helpful tips and tricks :)


As soon as you even think about moving, you're going to need to think about what you're going to wrap and store all your belongings in ready for the move so that they don't get damaged or broken during transport etc. I'd say cardboard boxes, plenty of bubble wrap, tissue paper or old newspapers and parcel tape will all come in very handy!

Newspapers and tissue paper are great for stuffing inside glasses/bowls/jugs and vases to keep them safe from breakage during the move. Bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping around plates and photo frames etc.

If you don't want to spend money buying your own packaging, you could always ask your local supermarkets for some of their cardboard boxes, you can stash away your free local newspapers each week too. Other than that, you could buy some packing materials (including a range of sizes of boxes, special purpose boxes, brown tape and even sofa and mattress covers) from a removals company like EcoMovers.


You should start to sort through and de-clutter as soon as you can! Especially if you have a loft, cellar or garage which you haven't ventured into for years! You might find things which you'd completely forgotten even existed. You should sort out and dispose of or recycle anything you don't want to take with you. This will save time, energy and even money when it comes to the big move. As you won't have to do as much all at once, you won't be lugging around so much clutter, and you won't have to pay as much in transport/fuel costs for extra items. You could contact your local furniture recycling company to help with any larger items, for example the British Heart Foundation have a free furniture collection option, which is super easy to arrange by phone, and they do also collect smaller items such as clothes, books, DVD's CD's and small homeware too! Give your wardrobes a good spring clean, Kids rooms for toys etc, bookshelves, DVD's and music too, you could always bag this stuff up and drop it off at your local charity shop or clothing bank. Or you could use online selling websites such as eBay, or Music Magpie | Sell Your Stuff Online to get a little cash behind you to help with the move! Why not clean out the kitchen cupboards whilst your at it? Those old plates, mugs and cutlery... donate them! And as for those out of date food products, just bin them lol. By doing all this before the move you will find the last few weeks/days a lot less stressful and tiring!

You should definitely check out this super clear and really helpful de-cluttering to move house infographic! I would never have even thought about the health benefits before reading this! 


Start packing things early, so that you don't end up trying to pack your entire house in the last week before the move! Obviously you can only pack away things that you probably won't need or use until you're in your new home, as most things you will use and need on a day to day basis, so you'll have to leave those until later on.

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Whilst your packing your stuff and you start to fill up each box, try to organise them into rooms for your new house. You should clearly label the outside of the box with which room its for, and the contents of the box - so if you need to get hold of something pretty quickly you know where to find it, instead of searching through each box! You could always write out a numbered/roomed list in a notebook which would correspond to each box you have for extra organisation.


If you cram things and overpack each box, things will start to get crushed or damaged, which will turn out to be a complete waste of time and you'll end up wasting money on new things! Make sure products are packed correctly, securely and that the boxes aren't too heavy - it might just collapse altogether! Obviously you should also put heavier products underneath lighter products!


As I mentioned previously there are things you're going to need to keep un-packed right up until the last day or even on the day before the move! These would include a range of products. I've got a bit of help with this last bit as I've never done this before, the only similar experience I've had is before going on holiday...

Box Containing:
Kettle, tea/coffee, snacks, bottled water, washing up equipment, mugs, plates and a few bits of cutlery. Takeaway contact numbers near to your new home, Soap, anti-bacterial gels, hand towel, toilet roll!

Handbag/Small Travel Bag Containing:
Notepad and pen, Important documents (passport etc), Mobile phone. Bank cards and some small change for essentials, Laptop. Electricals chargers, Make Up, Wash bag, Pyjamas, underwear and a change of clothes.

I'd say you might want to leave the mattress and some blankets until last to put on the moval van because this is first thing you're going to want to unload so you at least have somewhere to sleep for the night after a long day!

Obviously a lot of this post is related to moving to a new house, but this can also be handy if, like myself you are planning to move out of your parents house and have gathered a fair few homely items for the big move! I've already packed away everything I've purchased, labelled up the bags and boxes, photographed and made a list of each item I've got for kitchen etc! All this and I've only been to one viewing so far, however I am hoping to have moved out within the next couple of months or so! Either way, I hope you will have found this post helpful in some way! Let me know if you have any other tips to help me out with my move! :)

I have started using Pinterest a lot more lately, and its full of pins for cute homeware ideas, and helpful pictures/infographics for moving out...

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are a life saver for this one! Just this morning I started to think about/stress out about packing up all of my stuff when I get married. This is super handy. Thank you!!

  2. I moved in August and gosh I was not this organized. I wish I had been though! Some great advice here, and I absolutely adore your bedsheets! Will you be doing posts on how / what you're going to decorate your new house with? :)

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