Thursday, 11 September 2014

Changing times - Blue Jobs and Pink Jobs

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As Ashley and I start to really get out heads around the idea of having our own place it seems all my tasteful and decorative hopes are having to play second fiddle to some less girly thinking.

It’s not that Ashley’s got a different style to me – I think he’s quite happy to leave that side of things up to me – but that as first time movers we’re going to have to cut our cloth to suit, as they say.

As my dad says, it’s all very well deciding what colour wallpaper you’re going to put up, but you need to make sure the walls are in decent order first. I think we may have some tough decisions ahead.

At the sort of price bracket we’re going to be aiming at, there’s no doubt about it, we’ll have to find somewhere that needs a bit of work doing. In a sense that’s great because it gives me scope to express myself and to fit the place out just how I’d like it. The downside to that dream-home thinking is, of course, that it’ll take time and money to get it right.

In my head these are blue jobs – jobs for the boys. I’m the one who does the pink jobs, but I suppose in any partnership there has to be a bit of give and take. So this is me turning to the blue side.

It’s not all doom and gloom – my work will make the bathroom side of things easy, and a little bit of sneaky searching the net has shown that you don’t have to break the bank to make your home cosy and beautiful. 

My mum says it’s the doors and windows that make a house. She says you don’t really notice them when they’re right, but that you always, always, always do if they’re wrong. Everything else, she says, you can mix and match for yourself. I’ve not got as far as windows yet, but there are some lovely doors that you can find without having to break the bank.

I love old doors, and you can get old reclaimed wooden ones that have a really warm and cosy look. EBay and Gumtree and are fantastic for them, but the trouble is they’re often an non-standard size. There are plenty of really nice modern doors too – I found some really great looking deals on , direct, and 

The websites do sometimes make them all look a bit alike, I wish they would show all of the doors in actual houses. You need a good imagination to be able to tell exactly how something’s going to look, but I think that’s the least of our worries.

I’m still getting used to this blue style of thinking. I’m more of a soft furnishings kind of a girl, as I think you know by now. But I’m learning all the time, and who knows where it might lead to? I could be blogging about replacing the gearbox out of a 1970s Mini Minor before you know it!

That really would be a transformation to get your head around!

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