Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Why your mobile device could be your latest cutesy accessory

 Albus in Candyland

Hair bows, flowing skirts and quirky wrist watches – there are a million ways in which we can dress ourselves in order to make us look cute. But there's one new fad that's beyond just what we put in our wardrobe – gaming! 

Up until recently I was only using my cell phone to tweet friends and Instagram my favourite fashion pics, but I've recently stumbled upon a new addiction that's got me unable to put my phone down – a little known game called Sugar Pop. 

I wasn't really into gaming before, but a friend of mine recommended, and it turns out, there are a whole host of cute games out there! Sugar Pop in particular is enough to delight any sweet tooth – it's essentially a slot machine game, but there are so many cotton candies, boiled sweet and lolly pops, you could be mistaken for thinking you're in a Katy Perry video. 

It was comforting to find out that I wasn't alone in my new (slightly geeky) obsession. After a little research, I've discovered that women's interest in gaming is going up at an alarming rate – in fact, today, 48% of gamers are female – a rise from 42% in 2012. 

This might explain the rise of games targeted particularly towards women today. Whatever your age, there's a cutesy game out there for you – Pet Rescue Saga, for example, plays to the maternal instincts within all of us, while Bubble Witch Saga helps us embrace our inner kick ass female. Thank you, Lara Croft. 

The increasing need to cater for women in the gaming industry has even given rise to events like the Women in Gaming Awards, which honours women working in the industry. That's a pretty cool dose of girl power, and it certainly makes me feel better for whittling away the hours gambling on my mobile device. 

Of course, games like Candy Crush and Flappy Bird have been keeping people from all walks of life entertained in recent years, but this new genre of 'cute' games covers a wider range of people and certainly completes and cute look that my fellow fashionistas out there might be going for. 

There's no shame in it, and if having the latest cute game on my cell phone will complete my look, then I'm all for making my mobile device my latest fashion accessory.

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