Thursday, 24 July 2014

The best neutral colours for blondes

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There is no Miami photographer that hasn’t captured a blonde girl. Sometimes, it even seems that the women are divided in two categories: the blondes and the rest of them. Just because this hair color somehow defines a woman’s style and way of living, let’s talk about the shades that fit the blondes the best. Especially, we’re interested in neutral shades, because they’re silent and chic.

Just as for the brunettes, the neutral shade palette is fairly easy to determine for blondes. However, before describing them it is necessary to give you some additional details: when choosing the right colors, the brightness of the hair color matters (platinum blonde, white or dark blonde) and the "temperature" (reddish blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde). Although, most of the blondes look good in black, this is not a color that really embellishes them. Actually, navy, blue ink, indigo or elegant shade of gray will put more value on the whole look. Black wraps them in an aura of severity, it tightens features and it highlights the wrinkles (if there are any).

Beige fits every single blonde, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always dress in all-beige outfits. Try to balance the light brown color with another delicate shade. Cool colors will make any golden blonde look pale and will give to her an ashen complexion. This is why, focus your attention on warm shades that will bring to the whole look a harmony.

For those whose shade of blonde is a hot one (golden blonde, red blond, honey blond), the bangs are the starting point for finding the perfect neutral palette. Some of neutral colors that suit them are warm white, ivory, antique white, cream, beige, camel and caramel beige, light olive green, light tan and khaki, brown, copper, sepia, blue, brown cognac, medium gray.

Blondes are always happy. At least they seem like they’re always sunny and everything in their lives is alright. That’s why, in the end, it doesn’t really matter the color of your outfit. Sometimes your sun kissed hair and the smile on your face are just enough. But in case you’re a passionate Fashionista, there is nothing wrong in considering the best neutral palette of colors when choosing an outfit.

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  1. Really interesting to see and great color recommendations, although for me any color worn with confidence makes you look good :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I love these hair accessories they look really cute xx Tilsie (

  3. Loving this I haven't really thought about it much before unless I see something like hot pink.. Makes the look trashy.. Picture at top is gorg!!