Tuesday, 1 April 2014

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Laura's All Made Up - Home Haul - IKEA - napkins, napkin holder, artificial flowers

I've been wanting to move out of my parents house for about 2-3 years now, unfortunately with the current economy, my wages(even though I work full time) alone just wont suffice. I've been trying to encourage my now Fiance to move out with me for ages too with no luck. I dunno anymore, don't even get me started! I think I'll have to make it my life ambition to win the lottery, or even just win enough to tide me over for a few years in my own place! Anyways, enough ranting (you may tell I'm quite bitter about the whole thing). I've been picking up some bits and pieces lately ready to eventually move out, nothing major, because 1. I have no space at all in my tiny room to store it, and 2. I cant afford fancy stuff, just cheap little decorative bits to make whatever place I eventually manage to afford look slightly homely! Here goes...

Laura's All Made Up - Home Haul - IKEA - napkins, napkin holder, artificial flowers

Napkin Holder - £3 - IKEA 
Floral Napkins - £1.50 -IKEA
I have no idea why I bought the napkins, the pattern was just super cute and real cheap too, maybe they will look nice as a table decoration or something? The napkin holder I bought because I thought it would make a good letter/paperwork storage idea. 

Milk Bottle Shaped Vase - £1 - IKEA 
Artificial Gerbera Flowers - 65p each - IKEA 
As I was browsing round Ikea these little cuties caught my eye, they had loads of them all stacked up with plenty of colours to choose from, so pretty, simple and cheap - I might even fill the jar with a few of the Diamond Table Scatters which you'll see at the end of this post...

Laura's All Made Up - Home Haul - Cath Kidston haul - Cath Kidston Outlet Buys - Assorted Mug Set - Tea Towel

Cath Kidston Assorted Mug Set - £12.00 (RRP £20) - Bicester Outlet Store 
Me and Ashley took a little trip to Bicester Shopping Village a couple of weeks back, I wasn't too impressed by it to be honest and we were only there for a couple of hours max. The only shop I enjoyed was the Cath Kidston discount store, there were some absolutely gorgeous things in there and all at reduced prices, so I just picked up a couple of bits from there, I could have gone crazy. I saw a gorgeous Cath Kidston Cutlery Set(similar one linked) for £35 reduced from £45, but it was a little out my price range. I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to buy it for us as an engagement/moving out present ;) 

Laura's All Made Up - Home Haul - Scented Floral Creations Preserved Rose, Home Bargains Artificial Pink Roses

Glass Cube With Preserved Rose* - £28.50 - Scented Floral Creations 
I was very kindly sent this pretty little table decoration a while back for review(my review here) as a Valentine's Day/Mothers Day Gift Idea. I was a little skeptical as to whether or not it would stay in good condition, but it's done very well so far, and looks almost as good as when I first received it, it still gives off a gorgeous scent too! 

Bunch Of Artificial Pink Roses - £1.59 - Home Bargains 
I've been on the look out for some nice artificial roses for a little while to introduce as backdrops in my blog photo's. Most that I've found have looked awfully tacky but this little bunch appear quite nice, and I like the colours! They will be used in my blog photo's for now, but will also be lovely in a little glass vase when I move out.

Laura's All Made Up - Home Haul - Poundland Haul, Poundland Candles, Chupa Chups Candles, Love Hearts Candles, Yankee Wax Melts Review

Love Hearts Scented Candle - £1 - Poundland 
Pound shops are a bit of a love/hate situation for people, I love it when I find a bargain, but I hate it when I see other peoples bargain finds and when I get there they have sold out! Anyways, I've swayed away from the make up buys lately and started to look down the home sections instead, which is where I picked up these beauties! They smell so sweet and yummy, they literally fill the whole house with fragrance and they last around 8-10 hours, bargain! 

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts - £1.25 each - Yankee Candle 
I've only recently discovered these wax melts from Yankee, but I'm so glad I did! I bought an oil/wax burner from B&M a while back... similar to these ones but with a heart pattern, only 99p each! Might go and pick up the pastel polka-dot one soon! These are great if you're not too sure if you'll like a scent because they are much cheaper than buying a jar candle, and you can swap and change them any time you like by using a knife/spoon to scoop the previous one from your burner once solidified and cooled. Yankee say that the fragrance will last for around 8 hours, but the tarts last much longer in my opinion. I also find that the fragrance travels further with these rather than the jars.

Laura's All Made Up - Home Haul - The Range Diamond Scatters, Vintage Bunny Ring Holder Dish, Home

Diamond Table Scatters - £1 - The Range 
I've been after some of these little diamond decorations for agesss! I'm basically being a bit of a copy cat after seeing the lovely Charmed Charlee using them in her blog photographs! They look so pretty and make even the most boring photographs look much better. These were so cheap at just £1, there are loads in the packet too. 

Vintage Look Bunny Ring Holder Dish - £1.99 - Home Bargains 
I picked this little cutie up on a whim whilst browsing. Unfortunately I found it had a small chip on the side when I got home (probably explains why it was the last one on the shelf, I've got very bad eyesight though so that's my excuse). Not only does it look cute sitting on my dresser, but its also very practical to store all my rings, and makes them easy to see and grab. I've found a similar one here - but it's a little more pricey. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, it's just something a little different for you! Let me know if you've done any homely/decorative hauls lately, I'd love to take a peek and get some inspiration!


  1. u got such a nice stuff..love the tea cups set..the most

  2. How frustrating not being able to move! :( It's the initial cost of moving out that's so expensive, I paid my bond and first months rent for my current house on a credit card (as raising the money in one go would have taken forever!) if you have a good credit rating and are desperate to move that's one way of doing it as you can then pay back a bit each month. Love everything you bought, you always find the cutest things! x

  3. Ahh you've inspired me to buy some new bits, I'm dying to do my room up!

  4. These are all such cute things! I love my yankee tart burner - having a nice scent in the air really makes a place feel more like home :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  5. Cant go wrong with Cath Kidston. I absolutely adore the bunny ring dish. Too cute.

  6. So he asked you to marry him but he won't live with you? Bit bizarre!
    On a lighter and less confused note, I love homeware hauls, I could look at them all day! :)

  7. Adorable picks! I love the ring holder, mugs and napkin holder!

    Lovely post!

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  8. All this stuff really is beautiful :') I love the ring holder and yankee tarts x


  9. Cath Kidston reduced sounds like a dangerous combination for me! Love the Ikea bits you picked up.

  10. I love Cath Kidston - so cute - love what you chose


    Ally x

  11. Those flowers wow! Beautiful

  12. Some seriously gorgeous pieces!


  13. I love Yankee's wax tarts they're the perfect size so you can mix up your scents. Gorgeous floral decor!


  14. You've found some really lovely things for such great prices! Definitely don't need to spend a fortune to decorate your home. I hope you manage to move out sometime soon :)


  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE all these bargain beauties! Favouriting this all taking it on my next shopping trip - I won't rest til I own them. Gorgeeeeous.