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Review | Garmin Nuvi 50 Sat Nav

Garmin Nuvi 50 Sat Nav Review / Tesco Compare safety and security tester/ blogger
When I first got my licence back in 2010, I couldn't wait to get on the roads. I got my first car in 2011 and I've bought 3 cars since then. I now drive a Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 Petrol 2010 model in a snazzy metallic blue(link to Instagram photo of my car), which was pretty much my dream car, and I love it! One thing that's always holding me back when driving, is my total and utter non-knowledge of sense of direction, and I was never any good at Geography at school either. That's why, whenever I have to go somewhere new, other than my usual commute to and from work, I rely solely on a Sat Nav to get me there! I know, I know, any men reading this will probably be thinking "typical woman driver", right? I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Anyway, I've used various Sat Nav's passed down from my Grandad to me over the years and they've never done me wrong. I was recently offered the chance to become a safety and security tester by Tesco Compare and was sent the Garmin Nuvi 50 Sat Nav* to review. So I've been trying it out over the past week or so to provide you with a review.

The Nuvi 50 was literally ready to use straight from the box, as who really has time to read the instruction manuals these days?! The Sat Nav is easy to use and reliable. It has a bright, 5 inch touchscreen display which provides easy user navigation and clearly displayed menus. It gives you accurate turn by turn directions with spoken street names so you know exactly where you are and where you're going. One of my favourite features is that it comes pre-loaded with over 5 million "points of interest" including hotels, restaurants, petrol stations shopping and other attractions.

One of the biggest safety features is the built-in speed limit indicator and Cyclops Speed Cameras function to make you aware of safety cameras and help you drive safely, legally and consciously and keep you out of trouble with the law! Another fabulous feature is the option to avoid toll roads and motorways, so if you aren't comfortable driving on these kind of roads yet, you don't have to go near them! The Nuvi 50 allows you to navigate into the correct lane before its too late, with its lane assist/junction view function. Finally, there is the option to download vehicle and voice types to your device through the Garmin Garage which offers novelties such as Star Wars, Wallace & Gromit & The Simpsons voices and vehicles, to make your journey a little more entertaining but still keeping you safe on the roads!

Overall the Garmin Nuvi 50 Sat Nav is a brilliant device, and perfect for driver's like myself, who don't do long journeys too often, but need a Sat Nav which is reliable and easy to use! It comes in at a very reasonable price too, at £66.99 - Amazon (RRP £99.99)

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