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Enjoy The Perfect Girls Night Out

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Going out with the girls can often be an enjoyable experience for friends to come together after a hectic week at work or looking after a child and enjoy each other's company. There are a variety of activities to choose from to allow women to let their hair down and relieve any stress that has built over the week, whilst divulging in catch-up conversations that can last for hours. Enjoying a few drinks at a bar or nightclub is often the preferred choice to let all the troubles and worries flow away through responsible drinking, but it is possible for a group of women in the West Midlands to cram three activities into one fun-packed evening that can be enjoyable and memorable in equal measure.

Taking part in a quiz could provide the perfect filler between a lovely meal and a few cocktails before dancing the night away in a club. Although traditional quizzes can be a fun and enjoyable event to participate in, they could soon be replaced by the more modernistic alternative of speedquizzing. The one feature unique to speed quizzing is the use of smartphone and tablet devices to answer questions throughout the quiz, which not only render the existence of pen and paper as obsolete, but also effectively prevent the possibility of cheating that can spoil any quiz night.

Although women who endure a busy week at the workplace or being the mother to a child are advised to eat regularly, restricted time could result in a lack of a good meal or being able to sit down and enjoying eating. Making a point of organising an entire evening with the girls is perfect for everyone to get together in the same place and enjoy a good catch-up, whilst also enjoying the flavoursome food cooked and prepared by a professional chef in a restaurant. Starting with a dinner allows women to sit down and relax in a quiet, relaxed environment where they can alleviate stress and enjoy talking to their friends and fellow mothers who can relate to any sleepless nights and crying tantrums.

Pub quiz
A nice, hearty meal could then be followed by a walk to a local pub, such as the Actress & Bishop pub in Birmingham, where a speedquizzing event is behind held. Putting heads together in a collective team can provide the basis for a enjoyable quiz night packed with laughter and competitiveness that never threatens to boil over; quizzes have always been about the taking part mattering more than winning. Walking into a speedquiz event venue can instantaneously feel different to a traditional quiz as the whole format is revamped through the integration and use of handheld technology. Every team is required to use one smartphone or tablet device from which to download an app that instantly transforms the device into the keypad from which every question is answered. The quiz follows a fast and frantic pace, with ten seconds given between each question, with a small break between each round provide a little breather for participants to get their breaths back and prepare themselves for the next barrage of questions. Speedquizzing can be a wonderful event during a girls night out to carry on the element of enjoyment and fun that should throughout the evening.

Dressing up to the nines and painting the nails for a night out is a must for any woman who wishes to look beautiful and get into the party mood for the third stage of a girls' night out. Looking glamorous should be a prominent feature throughout the evening, although going to a bar or nightclub allows women to enjoy a few drinks and dance the night away. Responsible drinking is advised, although having a sore head in the morning is reflective of a wonderful night with the girls.

Pub quiz, nice hearty meal could then be followed by a walk to a local pub, such as the actress.

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