Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beauty With Heart Infographic | The Body Shop

 The Body Shop Beauty With Heart Infographic

"We believe true beauty comes from the heart. For us, beauty is much more than a pretty face. It's about feeling good and doing good, too."

I was recently contacted on behalf of The Body Shop and asked if I would like to share this wonderful Beauty With Heart Infographic celebrating how they care about the products they make, the people they support and finding beauty in everything. I've discovered some very interesting facts and figures about the products and projects from The Body Shop, so decided I would indeed share this with you all because I know a lot of you are big fans of their products! So why not take a peek for yourself? It proves that beauty is much more than just a pretty face!

Here are just a few things I've found out...

♥ £200K from the sales of their Christmas Gifts have helped to build 5 schools in India, Nepal, Ghana and Honduras

♥The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International celebrate collecting 1 million signatures and called on governments and regulators to ban animal testing in cosmetics globally.

♥The Body Shop have 25 Community Fair Trade suppliers and we will be featuring more and more of them on this map in the coming months.

♥Our philosophy is that looking good stems directly from feeling good. Where legislation allows, we encourage our employees to learn new skills through our Learning is of Value to Everyone (LOVE) initiative. By funding a range of training courses, events and health treatments, we aim to enhance our staff's sense of wellbeing.

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