Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Little Welcome & Introduction | New Blogs

I always love to read blog posts sharing new blogs to read, and I wanted to do a very quick post to introduce you to a couple of new bloggers / blogs, written by two people who are very close to me! Although one of them is not at all relevant to the usual content of my blog, I'm sure some of you will still be interested anyway...

My Sister Sarah began her blog MORRALL OF THE STORY BY SARAH-LOUISE late last year and I know a couple of you are already following her so that's amazing! She has already done a variety of posts on her blog, including a huge make up haul, so I'd definitely recommend having a browse at that! It would be great if you could head on over to her blog and maybe leave a comment or become a follower to give her some encouragement to keep writing. We all remember what it was like when we first started our blogs!

"Morrall Of The Story by Sarah-Louise is a blog about the little things in my life that i feel are worth blogging about. Here you will find reviews on: beauty/cosmetic products, Films/TV shows, books and other various life related posts"

 Lazy Boy Gaming Blog

My boyfriend Ashley began his blog LAZY BOY GAMING BY IMMENSEASHLARR in January this year! I think that he is planning to start up a Youtube Channel with Game Walkthroughs etc soon too! Maybe if your boyfriend/husband/partner is a gaming fanatic they may want to check out Ashley's blog? There's a fair few posts up already, so plenty to catch up on. Including the most recent post where Playstation Now has been announced, which could see us being able to play some of our favourite classic games!

"The Lazy Boy Gaming blog is about my passion for gaming and living my life to the full.
It will compromise of all things gaming such as gaming news and updates to review and previews of the latest games available for current and next gen. You will find posts on: Latest Games, Latest Gaming News, Events and Updates, Food & Drink, Day to Day Life, Films, TV & Music"