Saturday, 25 January 2014

Introduction + Review | My Beauty Compare

I was recently sent an email introducing me to a new price comparison website, now I'm no stranger to these kind of websites, I mean we've all been there with car insurance etc, which is an absolute nightmare may I add! However this is a new website for beauty products. This website will help you choose and compare the prices on beauty products from over 1,500 brands, and include skincare, haircare, makeup, body and even fragrances! What is this website I hear you ask? Well, it's My Beauty Compare of course! The world's first of it's kind!

All you need to do to get started is create an account and fill in a short questionnaire about yourself which includes questions such as skin type and colour, hair colour, eye colour, problems you have with your skin etc. It only took me around 5 minutes to complete, and this then allows My Beauty Compare to find the products best suited to you! There is also a forum where you can chat with other beauty fanatics just like you to get advice and reviews on the products you're looking to purchase, great idea for us beauty bloggers!

We all love finding a bargain, so why not head on over and create your profile now?!

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