Tuesday, 28 January 2014

An Introduction To Contact Lenses

 Contact Lens (Image from Turners Optometrists)

The question of whether or not to switch from glasses to contact lenses is one that a lot of people face at one point or another for a variety of reasons. Because a lot of younger children are not comfortable with contacts when they first require corrective vision, many start off with glasses. Then, they may consider a switch down the road, whether as adolescents or even in adulthood. For some, glasses remain the best option, but popular reasons for considering a switch include the following:

  • Fashion - Make no mistake, glasses can be extremely fashionable. In fact, you can even find everyday frames from high-end designers like Gucci or Prada. However, there's no denying that contact lenses allow for a bit more versatility in style. With contacts, you can choose to wear nothing on your eyes, wear glasses for the sake of fashion, but with clear lenses, and even take advantage of sunglasses trends.

  • Athletics - While glasses are just fine for certain athletic activities, contact lenses allow for more freedom of movement, and also enable the wearer to take advantage of sunglasses, swimming goggles, helmets, etc. more easily when necessary.

  • Convenience - At time, people simply get tired of keeping track of glasses, keeping them cleaned, etc. While contact lenses still require upkeep and care, you don't have to worry about them during the day.

It's a different decision for each individual, but those represent a few of the most common reasons for people to consider switching to contacts. And once people make the determination to switch, there's a whole new set of concerns in figuring out which lenses best suit them! Acuvue UK is home to a number of references and posts on the topic of choosing and then adjusting to contact lenses. The following is several of their helpful information for beginners:

  • Hard vs. Soft - Hard and soft are the two main types of contact lenses, and each has different benefits. Hard lenses are more durable, worn for longer, and are capable of correcting pretty much any vision issue you may have. However, they're generally less comfortable and harder to get used to. Soft lenses need replacing more often and may not correct certain more severe problems (such as irregular astigmatism), but they are more comfortable and easy to adjust to and handle.

  • Daily vs. Monthly - Really, this decision comes down largely to personal preference. But if you opt for soft lenses (a more common choice for beginners), you'll have the option of choosing how often you want to recycle lenses. Dailies are convenient in that you don't have to continue caring for them, but you need to manage your supply carefully; monthlies require proper cleaning and storage.

  • Toric vs. Spherical - Toric lenses are used to correct astigmatism, which is a vision condition in which the eye's surface is of an irregular shape, causing distorted vision. Spherical lenses correct the more common issues of myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness). This is more an issue for your optician to help you with, but it can't hurt to understand the basics of different lenses.

I myself am a wear of prescription glasses, I have to wear them for long distance such as for driving. I am happy with wearing glasses for now as I do only have to wear them for short periods of time. However I have been considering contact lenses lately, and I also love the fact that you can even get coloured/effect prescription contacts now, so in the same way you could wear glasses for fashion and appearance, you could also achieve this with contacts to change your appearance!

If you do decide to make the switch, and figure out which lenses are best for you, you'll need to learn how to wear them, clean them and, if you don't opt for daily disposables, store them. But the above guide will help with the basics of switching to contacts!

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  1. I miss wearing contacts so much! ): I wore them for a few years and they just started to irritate my eyes so badly, that I just gave up and switched to glasses.

    Have you ever tried colored contact lenses? They look awesome!

    Sica | PurelyEnvy