Friday, 29 November 2013

Top TV Shows To Work Out To

With the Christmas party season quickly approaching, I'm sure we will all be over-indulging ourselves with all the yummy food and drink! Unfortunately this tends to take its toll quite quickly, and then our New Years Resolutions after often to "eat healthier" and "work out more", right? I'm not one for going to the gym, I prefer to do my exercise in the comfort of my own home, usually in front of the TV! Todays post brings you some of the top TV shows to work out to, whether that be at home or at the gym...

If the cheesy tunes and pumping beats of your regular exercise playlist are leaving you uninspired, why not bring along your tablet and find a top TV show to get you through your workout? Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy your time in the gym.

Your guilty pleasure
Whether it's TOWIE, Made in Chelsea or Don't Tell The Bride, guilty pleasure TV is an ideal exercise companion. Combining your workout with these downtime treats means fitness will feel less like a chore. Sunday morning gym sessions might even last the length of your favourite soap's omnibus as you become engrossed in the latest plot twist, and watching Penny stroll around in her tiny shorts in The Big Bang Theory is enough to get anyone heading to the stepper machine!

Strictly Come Dancing
Watching the latest batch of celebs getting put through their paces in the BBC's glamorous dancing show is sure to motivate you to reach your own goals. You might not be able to whirl around a dance studio with a hunky teacher for nine hours a day, but watching even the most rhythmically-challenged contestants improve week after week will remind you that with hard work and determination anything is possible! Admiring the professional dancers' toned physiques will also give you a goal to strive for, so grab some leg warmers and leggings from Very, and keeeep dancing! 
Downton Abbey
Once you're caught up in the drama of the show, it's easy to forget about the pain of that final mile on the treadmill, and the elegant costumes and stunning scenery will take you away from the sweaty, noisy gym. If you prefer a more action-packed alternative, go for something more intense to get that adrenaline pumping - actress Jessica Simpson said that she enjoys working out to super addictive show 24. Whatever you're watching be sure to pay attention to the equipment and your body's limits - there's nothing entertaining about getting injured because you were so engrossed in Breaking Bad! 

With the proper precautions and the right show, teaming exercise with TV is a great way to have fun with your workout this winter.


  1. What a great idea!! This is so smart too. Reality TV and guilty pleasure shows are perfect to work out to.

  2. Absolutely. Nothing better than working out while something distracts you - I listen to music I'm trying to learn at the time or run lines. And I love Strictly, so definitely going to start working out in front of that too! xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World