Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Gifts | Fragrance For Him And Her - Marc Jacobs, HUGO BOSS

Christmas Gift Ideas - Fragrance For Him and Her
Christmas Gift Ideas - Fragrance For Him and Her Hugo Boss BOSS BOTTLED & Marc Jacobs Dot

It's that time of year again, and we're all trying to find that perfect gift for our friends, family and loved ones. One of the most popular gift ideas each year are fragrances, they are an ideal gift and you can't really go wrong, everyone likes to smell nice!? There are some absolutely gorgeous fragrances and gift sets this year, and courtesy of Fragrance Direct I'm bringing you reviews of two of the top Fragrances for 2013, one for him, and one for her! :)

Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance Bottle Photo Review
Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance Bottle Photo Review
Marc Jacobs Dot Eau De Parfum - 50ml Spray*

"I don't think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot..." Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs Dot was launched in Spring 2012 and features a delicate blend of juicy, fruity and floral notes making it the perfect daytime, feminine fragrance! I've seen endless amounts of Instagram photo's of these beautifully presented Fragrances from Marc Jacobs, and I guarantee that any woman who finds herself unwrapping this gift under the tree this year will not be disappointed! Not only does the Dot fragrance smell amazing, just take a look at the beautiful bottle! Inspired by his love of Polka-dots, Dot is a personal signature for Marc Jacobs, a symbol of charm and elegance, energetic and full of life. It features a cute decorative bottle with trademark petals, as well as red and black polka dots resembling a ladybird. It will be the perfect addition to any fragrance lovers collection this year!

Top Notes: Honeysuckle, Red Berries, Pitahaya, 
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Coconut 
Base Notes: Drift Wood, Vanilla, Musk

At Fragrance Direct you'll find the full range of Marc Jacobs Fragrances and gift sets at great prices! So, if Dot isn't for you, why not check out the rest of the range?

Hugo Boss BOSS BOTTLED Fragrance Bottle Photo Review
Hugo Boss BOSS BOTTLED Fragrance Bottle Photo Review
Hugo Boss BOSS BOTTLED Eau De Toilette - 50ml Spray*

"The BOSS man is primed to succeed - competitive, driven & ambitious. His daily preparation rituals are integral to his personal quest for success and BOSS Bottled has become an established part of his daily armour"

BOSS BOTTLED is a classic mens fragrance, which is now celebrating (I believe) it's 15th year since launch! Even after all these years its still a fantastic, distinctive signature fragrance. Described as subtle and inoffensive, this would make a perfect day-to-day, modern fragrance for your man! BOSS BOTTLED is designed to hydrate the skin and prevent damage caused by shaving, so not only does it have a gorgeously seductive scent, its practical too! 

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Apple, Oakmoss, Plum and Geranium
Heart notes: Cinnamon, Carnation and Mahogany
Base notes: Cedar, Vetiver, Vanilla, Olive Tree and Sandalwood. 

Fragrance Direct offer a wide range of Hugo Boss fragrance for both men and women, so why not check out the rest of the products and gift sets?

Fragrance Direct Gift Wrapping

Fragrance Direct Gift Wrapping service available for £1.99 many options to choose from!
Fragrance Direct FREE DELIVERY (£40 spend) when you enter "FREE40" at the checkout! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and it's given you some Christmas gift ideas for this year! I've ordered via Fragrance Direct many times in the past, and I've always been impressed with their service and delivery times. They have so many items at fantastic prices, not just fragrance, but cosmetics too which I'm sure many of you will be interested in! 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Top TV Shows To Work Out To

With the Christmas party season quickly approaching, I'm sure we will all be over-indulging ourselves with all the yummy food and drink! Unfortunately this tends to take its toll quite quickly, and then our New Years Resolutions after often to "eat healthier" and "work out more", right? I'm not one for going to the gym, I prefer to do my exercise in the comfort of my own home, usually in front of the TV! Todays post brings you some of the top TV shows to work out to, whether that be at home or at the gym...

If the cheesy tunes and pumping beats of your regular exercise playlist are leaving you uninspired, why not bring along your tablet and find a top TV show to get you through your workout? Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy your time in the gym.

Your guilty pleasure
Whether it's TOWIE, Made in Chelsea or Don't Tell The Bride, guilty pleasure TV is an ideal exercise companion. Combining your workout with these downtime treats means fitness will feel less like a chore. Sunday morning gym sessions might even last the length of your favourite soap's omnibus as you become engrossed in the latest plot twist, and watching Penny stroll around in her tiny shorts in The Big Bang Theory is enough to get anyone heading to the stepper machine!

Strictly Come Dancing
Watching the latest batch of celebs getting put through their paces in the BBC's glamorous dancing show is sure to motivate you to reach your own goals. You might not be able to whirl around a dance studio with a hunky teacher for nine hours a day, but watching even the most rhythmically-challenged contestants improve week after week will remind you that with hard work and determination anything is possible! Admiring the professional dancers' toned physiques will also give you a goal to strive for, so grab some leg warmers and leggings from Very, and keeeep dancing! 
Downton Abbey
Once you're caught up in the drama of the show, it's easy to forget about the pain of that final mile on the treadmill, and the elegant costumes and stunning scenery will take you away from the sweaty, noisy gym. If you prefer a more action-packed alternative, go for something more intense to get that adrenaline pumping - actress Jessica Simpson said that she enjoys working out to super addictive show 24. Whatever you're watching be sure to pay attention to the equipment and your body's limits - there's nothing entertaining about getting injured because you were so engrossed in Breaking Bad! 

With the proper precautions and the right show, teaming exercise with TV is a great way to have fun with your workout this winter.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mark Hill MiracOILicious Moroccan Argan Oil Review

"Exotic blend of 14 essential oils and plant extracts to nourish, rehydrate and leave your hair smooth and shiny"

I've been trying to take better care of my hair just lately with the harsh winter weather taking its toll. This has involved not using hair dyes & my GHD hair straighteners. Changing my hair washing products to the Pantene Pro V Repair & Protect range, and trying to let my hair dry naturally as often as I can. 

A product I've also introduced to my haircare routine is the Mark Hill MiracOILicious Moroccan Argan Oil*. Moroccan Argan Oil has quickly become a staple hair care product amongst beauty bloggers, and although I wasn't too keen on the idea of using oils on my hair type (I have quite oily roots but dry/damaged ends) this product really has worked wonders for the overall condition and appearance of my hair. 

This particular product combines essential oils and plant extracts to rejuvinate, rehydrate, eliminate frizz and speed up drying time. The oil is a healthy shade of golden yellow, and the formula is surprisingly super lightweight which makes it ideal for use to condition, style and adding the finishing touches to your hair.

How do I use this? Well once I have washed and conditioned my hair as normal, I rub a drop of the oil through the palms of my hands and work it into the ends of my hair which are the most dry/damaged part. I then sparingly spread the excess through the lengths of my hair to add a little extra shine without making the roots too greasy. I then either leave to dry naturally or use my hair dryer, before adding a tiny amount to smooth down any frizz afterwards. Another great tip is that you can add a drop of this oil to your shampoo/conditioner for an extra nourishing effect! Not to mention it leaves your hair smelling gorgeously fruity and exotic! 

Is this suitable for you? YES! The MiracOILicious Oil is suitable for use on all hair types and is great for dry, coloured and heat damaged hair! There is also a shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment in the range, which I'm very tempted to try out! 

The product is available at a great price of £9.99 at Boots stores and online - LINK

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Poundland Beauty Haul

I know that Poundland / Poundworld is hardly top of the list when it comes to places to shop for cosmetics and beauty products, however I always have a quick browse in their make up section while I'm passing through, and you can often pick up some fantastic bargains. I've mentioned in the past that I've picked up items from the likes of Revlon, Sally Hansen and Rimmel, I've even found OPI crackle polishes too. Not to mention I swear by their 2 packs for £1 make up removal wipes, they are amazing quality and I've used them for several years now, so I'd definitely recommend trying those! Anyway, last weekend I picked up a few more things so thought I'd do a quick haul post to share what I purchased with you all :) 

Mischief Pour Femme - I absolutely adore this perfume, I first purchased it last year and have been using it on a day-to-day basis ever since. I hate wasting expensive perfumes just to wear to my crappy work, I'd rather keep them for special occasions. Surprisingly it smells really nice and lasts most of the day too! I'd describe it as sweet and fruity but with a musky vanilla-ish scent to it. As you can see I'm very good at describing scents haha!

Maybelline New York Matte Top Coat - I love the look of these nail polish bottles and I've picked up several other shades in the past. I really wasn't sure what this was when I purchased it as they don't seem to have names, just numbers. I guessed it was a matte top coat so I took it, and when I tried it, it was just that! I couldn't remember if I already had a matte top coat in my collection, but it was too good to miss, always handy to keep for any future nail designs :) 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch "002 Radiant Rose" - These were introduced along with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, but I never got round to purchasing one as I thought they were quite expensive at RRP £4.99 (Link to Boots). There was another shade "004 Shimmer Sand" which I wish I'd picked up now at such a good price. These are so perfect paired with the Wake Me Up foundation, and this particular shade offers a subtle radiant blushed glow and has a super lightweight formula. I'll definitely be picking up the other shade if I can next time.

Peach Deep Nourishing Foot Pack - These little foot packs are absolutely amazing! A real nice treat for your feet :) I've previously purchased the Tea Tree & Peppermint one. Basically the pack contains a pair of booties which you just slide on your feet after showering, and leave on for 20 mins. They are packed full of nourishing and moisturising ingredients and leave your feet feeling super soft and refreshed! 

W7 Nail Polish "97 Lava Flow" - Yes, another nail polish... like I really need to add any more to my 400+ collection? Well actually yes, I do, simply because I love the effect of this nail polish and I wanted to purchase a few months back but totally forgot about it. You can see some great swatches of this nail polish HERE. Isn't it beautiful? Definitely worth picking up at only £1.

Vaseline Limited Edition Pink Bubbly - Did anybody pay £3.49 for this when it was released? I'm so glad I didn't! I picked up the last two of these off the shelf. I was really surprised that both of them didn't have any mucky fingerprints in them to be honest. One for me and one for my sister. I couldn't believe it when I saw them, and how they ended up in the pound shop I'll never know, as Superdrug was always sold out whenever I looked. I really like Vaseline lip care, and this one's no exception. However the scent is a little strange. 

I hope you enjoyed this little haul, have you had any £1 bargains lately? Do let me know & leave a link if you've posted about them :)

Monday, 18 November 2013

TONI & GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe Challenge / OOTD Ft. Fashion Union

I was recently contacted asking if I wanted to take part in the TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe Challenge, which I was delighted to accept! The concept of the challenge was to find a hairstyle that suits your personality and to suit your wardrobe style.

There were four core collections which matched up to different hair styling tools... Casual - Reverse Conical Wand, Classic - Professional Straightener, Creative - Twist & Crimp Styler, Glamour - Jumbo Tong. I was sent a quick questionnaire to fill out, my answers were then reviewed and I was matched up to the Casual Collection and I was sent the TONI&GUY Reverse Conical Wand to try out.

"The Casual Styling Collection is all about a relaxed and chic style that is sexy but doesn't try too hard. Discover unique styling products that will help you re-create the vibe and create loose, textures and carefree looks. With a lived-in feeling. Feel inspired and let your imagination run wild"
TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe Challenge - Casual - Reverse Conical Wand

"The TONI&GUY Reverse Conical Wand offers a unique Reverse Conical Barrel which heats up to 200 degrees centigrade. It has a Ceramic Tourmaline Barrel and is salon tested for a professional performance"

My hair after using the Reverse Conical Wand TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe Challenge - Casual - Reverse Conical Wand

Hair style - 
I decided to go for a tousled look rather than neat, tight curls. To do this, I sectioned off my hair and sprayed with a heat protection spray. I started from the bottom layers and about halfway down the length of my hair before curling with the TONI&GUY Reverse Conical Wand* to give a looser effect. I wrapped my hair around in small sections and held for about 10 seconds (the heat proof glove included comes in really handy for this part). I then sprayed each section with hair spray to give a bit of extra hold and volume. As I worked up to the top sections I started from about a quarter of the way down to get some curls closer to the top of my hair for more volume. Because the wand is reversed, it means you get smaller curls towards the top of your hair and larger more natural looking curls at the ends. After I had finished, I gently brushed through the curls to separate and loosen them up a little to give the final look.

TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe Challenge - Casual - Reverse Conical Wand

Outfit style - 
Onto how I styled my outfit to my hair... All I ever care about lately is warmth and comfort when I'm getting ready, not to mention I don't really go "out out", so I don't feel the need to get glammed up (OMG. I sound like I'm in my 80's not early 20's!?) I went for a super basic, comfy and casual outfit, which included a pair of skinny burgundy jeans, black Ugg style boots from Primark, and this cute Fashion Union Black Rose Print Jumper* I accessorized with a Tan shoulder bag which I bought from a Charity Shop last year (originally from New Look) and painted my nails with Barry M Raspberry Nail Paint. I kept my make up neutral, and natural looking, but I think I could have worn a berry lipstick to add a real A/W feel to the look.

TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe Challenge - Casual - Reverse Conical Wand

After employing my younger sister as a photographer, and posing stupidly in our back garden, lots of funny faces and a few dodgy looks from nosy neighbours. I finally picked a few photos out to show you! This is why I don't do outfit posts haha! Not to mention, I only get 1 day a week where I can actually photograph in daylight.

I hope you've enjoyed this post? I enjoyed taking part in the challenge and I'll certainly be styling my hair more often with my new wand! 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Fashion | eBay Cute Cat Face Watch

It might just be me, but does anybody else spend hours browsing through pages and pages of crap on eBay? Most of the time I don't purchase anything but sometimes cute jewellery pieces catch my eye and its a case of instant purchase! This cat face watch was one of them! It was a total bargain at only £1.91 from this seller. The seller is based in China, and it did take around 2-3 weeks to arrive with me here in the UK, but it was super cheap and so cute! Just look at those whiskers and the shape of the ears too, awwww!!! This could make a great stocking filler, but I'd buy now to make sure you get it in time for Christmas! There are also a variety of colours including baby pink and blue here.

Have you had any eBay bargain buys lately? Please do let me know below! :)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Revlon Christmas Collection | Matching Lips & Tips ♥


Revlon have released a collection of lipsticks, lip glosses and nail polishes in time for A/W & Christmas 2013 and are bringing back the concept of matching lips and tips with these four beautifully selected collections... ensuring your make up is your ultimate party accessory throughout the seasonal festivities. 

Revlon Berry Allure Collection
Let your inner diva dazzle with the Black Cherry Super Lustrous Lipstick, Berry Allure Super Lustrous Lipgloss and Vixen Nail Enamel. Deep and dramatic colour to vamp up your lips and tips during the festivities.

Revlon Cherries in the Snow Collection
Sparkle in the magic of Christmas and dazzle under the mistletoe with the Cherries in the Snow collection. This perfectly playful combination of Pink Pop Super Lustrous Lipgloss, Cherries in the Snow Super Lustrous Lipstick and Nail Enamel, will ensure you’re the belle of the ball.

Revlon Kiss Me Coral Collection
Brighten up the winter nights with a striking pop of coral. Match Fire and Ice Super Lustrous Lipstick with Kiss Me Coral Super Lustrous Lipgloss, completing the look with One Perfect Coral Nail Enamel letting your inner party girl sizzle and take centre stage.
Revlon Red Collection
Captivate this Christmas and bewitch in brilliant red. This seductive trio of Revlon Red Nail Enamel and Super Lustrous Lipstick layered with Fatal Apple Super Lustrous Lipgloss, will put any unsuspecting suitor under your spell.

I am particularly a fan of the "Berry Allure" and "Cherries In The Snow" Collections, I think the colours are right on trend for this year!

Nail Enamel RRP: £6.49 / Super Lustrous Lipstick RRP: £7.49 / Super Lustrous Lipgloss RRP: £6.99
All items are available at Boots stores and online at

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sweet Cupcake Jewel Candle | A Jewel In Every Candle ♥

I was recently sent this beautiful candle, which is not just any normal candle... there's a jewel hidden inside each one. I chose "sweet cupcake" which has a vanilla/caramel scent to it, it doesn't take long for the aroma to fill the whole house, mmmm! There are two varieties of Jewel Candles, the larger candles have a ring hidden inside and the smaller has a pair of earrings inside. It took about 16 hours of burning to reach the jewel and it was a beautiful 925 Sterling Silver ring worth £15(There's a little tag attached to let you know the value). The jewels are worth between £10 and £250. It's so exciting waiting for the candle to burn as you don't know what you're going to get! With Christmas fast approaching this would make a lovely gift idea :)

You can get 10% off your order using discount code: laurasallmadeup10 at the checkout!