Monday, 7 October 2013

What did you see today?

Our eyes enable us to see so many great things around us. From our loved ones, to the beautiful clothes that we wear...
What did you see today? #bootseyecheck

For one day I was asked to document things I see and do in a photo post for you all...

Lauras all made up bedroom tour
My bedroom, the first thing I wake up to! You can read my bedroom tour post for more info.
Confetti Cupcake Pop Tarts
Poptarts & cuppa tea for breakfast, love all the pretty patterns :)
Blogger mail
Saturday morning blogger mail!
Scented Candles
 I always light scented candles to help me relax, and I love the atmosphere they create too :)
My cute cat Bob
My cute cat Bob just relaxing in the garden!

Unfortunately by this time I had run out of things to photograph and my day became pretty un-interesting! So I decided to change up my post a little, and show you some photographs of some beautiful things in my life and things I've seen... so I hope you enjoy the rest a little more :)

Laura & Ashley
Me & my boyfriend Ashley, possibly the first photo we had together, almost 4 years ago!
Family time - snowman building
A bit of family time! Me and my little brother and sister after building a snowman! 
Beautiful Valentines Gift Roses Teddy Bear Card
Beautiful Valentines gift this year, such a surprise having this delivered at my work! 
Cath Kidston inspired nail art
You all know how much I love nails! Here's my Cath Kidston inspired nail art, you can see my full post here.
Luxury Lodge Beaconsfield Park Shrewsbury
 A couple of pics from when we stayed in a luxury lodge last year - full post here.
Tiger roaring at Dudley Zoo - You can see more pics from my day out here.
My garden in the summer time, I did a quick "photo post" here

& To finish off, these were a selection of my favourite photo's I've taken over the past couple of years! 

None of this would have as much impact without having healthy eyes to see them... This is why we need to:

Long days in front of a computer screen, not managing to eat a balanced diet or forgetting to take your make-up off at night can all contribute to uncomfortable, irritated eyes.

We protect our skin with sun lotion and it’s just as important to protect our eyes from the sun’s glare too.

Having your eyes checked at least every 2 years will not only help us to check how well you can see but also help to detect any eye or underlying health issues early on – making them easier to manage.

I for one know how important all these things are when it comes to taking care of my peepers. I'm very short sighted and can't legally drive without wearing prescription glasses. I was only told this in November last year after getting an eye check, although the year previous to this I was told my eyesight was fine. This emphasises how important it is to get your eyes checked at least every 2 years! So why not find out a little more and book your eye test today - LINK

One of the main causes for my poor eyesight (I believe) is due to my job in administration. I spend long hours in front of a computer screen, my eyes become both tired and dry. I've now started using eye drops to help with the effects of this. If like myself you spend a lot of time staring at computer screens you can try this simple rule: "A regular screen break may also help keep dry eyes at bay. Try following the 20:20:20 rule by looking 20 feet away, every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds." 

I hope you've found this post interesting, it's certainly made me sit down and appreciate things a little more! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions! :)

*Post in collaboration with Boots.


  1. Aw I love this, you bedroom is gorgeous! You have a beautiful little life.


  2. You have great happy ,,,,I wish you honey:)