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Fun Ideas & Inspiration For Halloween

Halloween 2013 Cat Pumpkin Cute Happy Halloween Candy Corn
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I know that Halloween isn't usually a huge event/festivity here in the UK compared to the extent in places such as the US, however its always nice to join in with the fun. So I thought I'd put together a few things to do with Halloween for this year. I hope you like it! 

Halloween costumes and wigs 2013 Pauls Hair World
Obviously the main thing most of us will be looking for at Halloween is a fancy dress costume and accessories. Whether you're going to a party or or just a night out on the town, pretty much everyone wears something to join in the fun! There are all kinds of costumes, accessories and fun party wigs for Halloween available now so you can create your perfect costume! You can shop online at

Halloween nail art nail ideas designs inspiration
Image from my Halloween Nail Ideas post last year :)
Even if you aren't into the whole dressing up thing, one of the most simple ways to join in is to paint your nails for the occasion. There are loads of nail designs for Halloween and inspirational ideas on the internet. If you're struggling, try checking out this Tumblr link where I've searched Halloween... Fuck Yeah Nail Art.

Yankee Candles For Halloween 2013 Spooky
I think Yankee Halloween Candles would add the perfect finishing touches to your home. Yankee have re-released some old favourites, both are dressed in spooky themed jars. One is called Witches Brew and the other Candy Corn, they retail at £16.99 each but are currently available on the "Spooky Pair" offer at 2 for £30. There are also a range of tealight and motive holders available if you didn't want to splash out on the jar candles.

UK American Style Halloween Treats Candy Sweets Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat? Why not treat your guests to some of these american style sweets and candy for Halloween. How cute are the cupcake kits? If you're not taking the kids trick or treating you could always join in the fun and make these together :) There's also a wide range of other sweets/lollipops/biscuits which you can't usually buy here in the UK at 

And that brings me to the end of this post, I hope you've enjoyed it and got a few ideas from it.
What are you up to this Halloween?

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  1. Love the nail art ideas! I really want to try the mummy one :) And those cupcake kits are just too cute!

    Monica x
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