Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekend Wishlist| #10 Summer Inspiration Day & Night Wear

Another wishlist post this weekend. Hope you've all had a fantastic week. Enjoying this sunshine, maybe even been on holiday?

Well, I wanted to keep up the summer theme this week and do a couple of outfit posts, one for day time wear, and one for night time wear during the warmer months...

First off, here is my "summer days" outfit, I've gone for something which is totally perfect for a shopping day with the girls, casual but also super pretty too!

Jeans // Blouse // Sunglasses // Bag // Shoes

Secondly, my "summer nights" outfit. For the night, of course you still want to feel comfortable, but you also want to add that extra special feel. I think this outfit would pull together beautifully...
Dress // Wedges // Bag // Bracelet

Whats your favourite item? Have you done a summery outfit ideas post lately, leave a link below :)


  1. wow. I love both of these outfits so much! They are now on my wishlist too :) xx Laura

  2. Those floral jeans are beautiful! Love both these outfits :)
    Kirsty x

  3. Nice outfits ;)