Sunday, 24 March 2013

Primark Spring Summer Collection 2013 - My Favourites!

Here are a selection of my favourite items from the new S/S Collection at Primark. I'm definitely going to be out buying some of these items as soon as all this snow disappears! Although the weather isn't showing any signs of warming up yet and we are already a few days into Spring! But what the hell... the new items are just too pretty to miss!

I really love all the bold colours and prints that are in the new collection, as well as some of the more prettier floral vintage looking items.

You can view the full collection at Marie Claire Online.

What's your favourite items?
If you've done a Primark haul post lately, let me know below! :)


  1. SO many nice things, why did you have to tempt me with this post! x

  2. I flipping hate this snowy weather now - I'm ready for spring!! This post has made me more excited to have a primark shopping trip as soon as the snow melts! xxx

  3. So many pretty things I want all of it but I'll definitely be buying the parrot earrings
    : ]

  4. I love the rose printed dress! I'm hopefully going to buy it when the weather warms up a little! xx

  5. wow! your favs are my favs! :) we have so much in common ... well guess what you have a new follower! xoxo

    visit my blog please

    and if u like it, then follow back!

  6. Love all the necklaces and the clutch, so glad the Aztec print is still big :)

  7. Fell in love with your blog! Follow me if you'd like. :)

  8. All the clothes are lovely and I must say I love the headbands

  9. All of those look so adorable and fresh for spring! My favorites have to be the sugar skull shirt & tribal dress:)
    xx M