Sunday, 3 March 2013

Monthly Favourites - February 2013

Hello everyone!
Happy Sunday, hope you've all enjoyed your weekend :)

Welcome to my first ever monthly favourites post! I've seen a lot of bloggers doing these posts and always thought about doing my own however by the time I come to think about writing one up, its already a few days into the next month. But this month, I've just thought "what the hell" and gone for it anyway. I'm not TOO late on the scene am I?? Anyways, onto my favourites for this month...

This is a recent 're-discovered' product for me, I remember using this years ago when I was still at school but I picked it up again a couple months back and have loved using it again. For a start it smells gorgeously fruity and refreshing! The scrub has a creamy apricot infused base which contains quite large "scrubbing" granules which surprises me being a facial scrub. I love how it leaves my skin feeling deep cleansed, smooth and radiant looking. I use this while I'm in the shower as the steam opens up the pores and allows the scrub to work at its best. I use it a few times a week and follow by using either my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, or Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser to soothe the skin. I know I can't be the only one who loves using this, afterall it is "UK's number 1 scrub brand".

These new textured nail paints really intrigued me when I first saw them advertised, which obviously meant I had to buy! At the moment there are 4 gorgeous pastel colours in the range, perfect for spring. I picked up this pale green and a baby pink. This one's been my favourite so far this month because I love the colour. The texture is really quite odd, I'd describe it as a "concrete" effect. It has small grains in the paint to give it this effect. The paint dries really quickly, and has a matte finish. It's something unusual but understated at the same time. I will be writing a review with swatches of this and the pink one soon!

I've tried MUA foundations before and wasn't too keen on them due to their limited shades and the fact that they don't really suit my skin type very well. However this one really surprised me and its actually overtaken my usual Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr Foundation this month. It has amazing coverage but doesn't leave my skin feeling cakey or clogged up. It has really good staying power... it literally does last all day. The 'Natural' shade matches my skin perfectly. Not to mention, its an absolute bargain for a foundation at only £2!

I've been using the Nivea Express Hydration Primer (Review Here) for many months now and I really love it, but I find it doesn't really have a "pore minimising effect". So I went on the hunt for another primer to use with this. I really wanted to buy the Benefit POREfessional which is highly spoken of in the beauty world, but simply couldn't afford it! This one was my next best bet, and boy am I glad I've found this!. It's the perfect budget alternative to Porefessional which is kind of gel-like, however its not a tinted just clear. It provides my skin with a flawless, matte finish base ready to apply foundation. I actually bought this when Famous were offering 1/2 price on their products, but I think its still very reasonable at normal price :)

"My oh My" how much I love these lip lacquers! They are absolutely amazing, seriously. I've lost count of how many reviews/swatches/comments I've seen on how great these are and I can see why. Celestial has been my favourite shade out of the 3 I've bought so far, simply because its an every day kind of shade. Its a muted dusky pink colour which would suit pretty much any skin tones! It's described as a lip lacquer, with the pigmentation and lasting power of a lipstick but the texture and feel of a lip gloss. They are creamy textured and apply smoothly onto the lips. I WILL be buying more colours soon!

As soon as I saw this mascara advertised I went out and bought it! Not because of the brand name(because I've never had anything from Max Factor before) but simply because it was a new mascara with a "spoon" shaped wand, they are my favourite. I bought it at an introductory price of around £7 in Superdrug, but I'll definitely repurchase even at full price when I need to. Its claims are "Mega Volume, Against Clumps" and it certainly lives up to these. It fans out my lashes perfectly, adding volume and doesn't leave any clumps at all. My new favourite mascara :)

I'd been lusting after this for months but never got round to buying it, so I eventually got it as a gift off my boyfriend for Christmas. I've never used a lip scrub before so this was a new experience for me, but after using it I don't know how I ever managed without it before. It is essentially just a pot of coloured & flavoured castor sugar. It tastes amazing, which makes it a hard job to actually use it and not just eat it all! The sugar works gently to exfoliate away any dead skin cells and buff the lips, any excess product can just be licked off or wiped away. It comes in a small glass pot which is really handy to carry around with you. The only bad thing I can say is its very addictive, so be careful not to dry out your lips by using too often. There are also Popcorn and Mint Julips flavours if you're not keen on Bubblegum :) After using this lip scrub, I soothe and moisturise my lips with my Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm...

I have a serious obsession with lip balms, and this Carmex one is the newest addition to my collection. This is my first Carmex balm. I normally prefer a simple tin of Vaseline as I've always found them to be the only ones that work in my opinion. But this little miracle has really impressed me so far. It comes in a small yellow tube with retro style fonts/images. The balm itself is a clear gel, with a very strong strawberry scent, and when applied makes the lips tingle slightly. Its really moisturising and lasts for ages! It isn't tinted so just gives the lips a natural but glossy look. 

What do you think of these products? 
Have you done a monthly favourites post...leave your link below! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know if you think I should continue doing these... I'd really love to and I hope I have time to do so every month :) 


  1. I <3 St.Ives! It's a lot better than other expensive brands too.. :)

  2. I love every thing you have mentioned, the Famous primer sounds amazing. I have Rimmel Apcolips in Galaxy, i'm definitely going to be buying more shades. xo

  3. Great favourites, I love the Lush lip scrub it's amazing x

  4. I've been wanted the lush lipscrub for SO long, I think I might use a recipie to make my own though, after all it's only sugar and flavourings like you said!

    Amy | The Little Koala Blog

  5. I love the st Ives scrub too (and I have included it in my favourites!). And the apocalips is something that I definitely want to pick up! xx

  6. That Barry M nail colour looks so fun, I wish we could get Barry M in Australia! I'm really enjoying your blog Laura, very nice reading!

    Zoe xx