Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review| Rio Pop Acrylics - Acrylic Nails At Home!

Today I've got a review on the Rio Pop Acrylic Nails kit. With this kit you can quickly achieve perfect looking Acrylic nails at home.
Rio Pop Acrylic Nails- £49.99*- Link

"Pop Acrylic Nail Extensions make professional nail extensions even quicker and easier to achieve at home. The traditional method of applying acrylic nails can be difficult to master, but the Pop Acrylic Nail Extensions method means achieving stronger, great looking nails much more easy!"

Who Can Use This Kit?

This kit can be used by anybody. (Note that it's recommended for Age 14 & Over) I'd say this kit would be ideal for people who struggle to grow their own natural nails, or if you have weak/brittle nails. As it will provide you with strong, durable, natural looking nails in no time at all!

Even if you've never tried Acrylic for nails before it's a very easy kit and comes with an instruction booklet and step by step DVD which are both really helpful and easy to follow. After a bit of practice this kit should take as little as 30 minutes to use!

What's Included?

Everything you need!
Glass mixing dish | Acrylic sculpting brush | 100 x French tips | Nail primer | White sanding block | 4ml finishing wipe | Acrylic liquid | Nail slicer | Orange stick | Acrylic powder | Nail forms - 10 sizes in a case | Fine line pen | Cuticle oil | Lint free wipes | Buffing file | 2-in-1 varnish | Nail glue | Cuticle pusher

How To Use

Before starting using the kit, I do highly advise you to read through the instruction book at least once, and watch the DVD through, this will give you an idea of the process. Allow at least a few hours to give yourself plenty of time! Make sure you have plenty of space to work in and to lay things out around you. 

♥ Lay out everything around you so everythings at easy access
♥ Prepare the forms to match your nail sizes, mark left & right hand 1-5.
♥ Prep your nails (wash, push back cuticles, buff, file and shape).
♥ Select correct sized tips for the nails, keep in order ready to apply to nails.
♥ Glue the tip to your nails, then cut down to desired length and file
♥ Position the form on the nail, and mark an end line.
♥ Prime the natural nail area.
♥ Pour acrylic liquid into the dappen dish. 
♥ Dip the brush into the liquid and then into the powder to create a bead.
♥ Fill in the area which you marked on the forms then hold firm onto the nail for 60 secs.
♥ Leave the form on the nail while finishing the rest of the hand. 
♥ Once you've finished one hand, pinch the side of each form and wiggle off the nail.
♥ Neaten the nail by filing, then gently massage in some cuticle oil.
♥ Wash hands thoroughly and then finish by applying 2 in 1 nail varnish.




Price & Availabilty
You can purchase this kit from Rio Beauty online - Link.
The price for this kit is £49.99, but definitely worth it considering you'd get at least 3-4 uses out of the kit before re-filling on the white tips. Bearing in mind you'd pay anywhere between £20-£30 a time at a salon for similar treatments.

Overall a really quick and easy to use kit, professional looking results, and well worth the money! 


  1. That's actually a really impressive result and something I'll look into now, as my nails break ALL the time and it's super annoying!

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