Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Newly Re-decorated Bedroom ♥

Over the Christmas holidays I had a bit of time off work, I hate sitting around with nothing to do, so I thought it was about time I redecorated my bedroom. I always enjoy looking at pretty interior designs and I especially love the look of Victoria's from Victorias Vintage bedroom. It's so chic and pretty and I always like reading her blog posts about new items she's added :) 

Unfortunately I didn't take any photo's of what my room looked like before. But all the walls were white except for the window wall where it was covered in a black floral wallpaper. The walls were empty and my bedclothes didn't match at all to the rest of my room as they were purple lol. So yeah, it was looking abit run down to say the least. 

I didn't change much to be honest, I just took the black wallpaper down and gave it a fresh lick of white paint, I put up a few shelves, bought new bedclothes, and some pretty decorative items. Oh, and almost forgot to mention my 2 new Helmer units from Ikea, which I posted on Instagram...Honestly, they are perfect to store all my make up and nail varnishes! :) 

I actually share a room with my sister, but we have a big curtain down the middle of the room to split it into two, so its like having two separate rooms... but it means they are pretty small, and don't leave much room to play with to be honest so its not fantastic. Also, the floorboards do need repainting so please ignore the state of them, but here are a few pics of the finished look...

Bedclothes £5(Sale) Primark/ Cream Throw £2.50 Primark
My amazing shelf putter upper skills haha - New home for all my Me To You bears and my owls ♥ 
Canvas prints £2 for all 3 (Sale) Primark
Jewellery Hanger £1 Poundland.
Owl Hanging Decoration, £2.80 - eBay - Link
 I actually upcycled this little chest from a Car Boot Sale for just 20p! This is how it looked before:
Brush Storage Pots £2.25 each Ikea(Skurar Candle Holder) - Link
Cute Calendar With Notes Board £1 Poundland.
Wardrobe door decoration.
My dresser, TV and what's left of my Glossybox Drawer DIY! 
Not too sure what I'm going to hang on this yet, but its so pretty I hung it up anyway :) 
Helmer storage units £25 each Ikea - Link 

I'm still not entirely happy with how it looks but when you're restricted with space and money what can you do? I will hopefully keep adding to it as I go along and will update as I do :)

What do you think? Have any of you done any bedroom posts, leave me the link below I'd love to have a look!


  1. Eeep! I love it! It's so girly and cute. And I love what you did with that little chest too. So resourceful! Gave me loads of ideas. :)

  2. Your room is gorgeous, hun! I have a small room, too and there's so much stuff jammed into it, I doubt I could make it look this nice :)
    I adore the cream/white furniture and the bedding, it's so cute!

    Laura x

  3. So cute! Love the jewellery hanger from the pound shop! I want one! lol.

    And... I love what you did with the chest, I really want to have a go with upcycling, but I can never get round to it. Looks so much nicer! :D

    I want the Ikea storage pots too!

    Naomi xxx

  4. Looks so lovely, I really want that owl hanging ornament!

    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

  5. It looks so bright and pretty, and I LOVE what you did with the drawers! x

  6. This is gorgeous! I love the bedding, and the little jewellery box - it's unrecognisable!

    Jesss xo

  7. Such a cute room, very good use of the space :) x

  8. so lovely! Primark is amazing for home stuff, I got a duvet set for my bed a while ago and it was so cheap but good quality! xx

  9. I really love the Ikea storage that you have, it looks brilliant. you've definitely made use of the space, it looks all cosy and gorgeous :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  10. This is gorgeous Laura! Well done!! xxxx

  11. Ahhh i love it! you did such a good job! i have to share a room with my sister when we are home and i am in the middle of re-vamping it but its not going so well. Great job hun x

  12. Pretty room you have there!! Nicely decorated :) Ixx


  13. your room looks cute and cozy <3


  14. Your room is so cute!
    And very nice blog, i've read a couple of posts and they're very accurate!

    So I decide to follow you :) If you would like to visit me back I'll appreciate!

    kisses <3

  15. I absolutely love the look of your room! Its simple and cute!^^ I've linked your button, mind linking mine too?:)

    Belle Epoque

  16. I love your room it is so cute and girly! :) I need to go on a huge Ikea trip! It is such a mare though because I want to buy everything that is in there all the time!

    LaceyLoves x

  17. I love your room, it's so cute and vintage looking :)
    New follower!
    Here's a link to my post of my room decor,
    let me know what you think if you get the chance :)


    Rae xx


  18. Aww, what a sweet room! You did such a good job redecorating, I'm especially impressed with that little chest! I actually have the exact one (the before version) and you've inspired me to up-cycle it too! I redid my room not long ago, though for me that usually just means changing up all the photos on the walls haha I did a blog post on it though, it's here: http://iwastakenbysurprise.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/my-bedroom-is-my-fashion-blog.html

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

    Enter my giveaway to win a $80 MsDressy voucher!

  19. Such a cute room! Can't believe that bedding is Primark either it's gorge! xxx

  20. aww i love your room!! every ounce of it! cuteness overload :))) can't believe everything is primark - what good bargains. when i'm in london next time i definitely have to check out the home goods section at primark! i picked up some bedsheets last time and have been loving them so far.

    rachel x

  21. Does your sister's room have the same design as yours? Yeah, sharing a room with someone means a smaller space for yourself. We just have to work our way around it and you did a pretty amazing job doing it! Look at your room, despite having space issues, you've managed to arrange it according to your liking. I like the "all-white" theme that you have going on, everything looks so clean and your room has cohesion! :) Good job!