Sunday, 11 November 2012

Review| Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm - Pink Crystal

I found this cute little product in Poundland not so long ago. There always seems to be Revlon products in there these days, and to be honest, I don't think anyone can complain. This particular product I'm guessing would have probably retailed around the £6-7 mark.

Although the packaging is simple it's pretty nifty. It comes in a small tub like most lip balms on the market, however this one is a little more sleek & sophisticated. There's also a hidden slot enclosing a lip brush, which is more hygienic than using your fingers to apply the balm. 

I got the shade Pink Crystal, which is a hot pink colour with an iridescent glitter effect to it. Being a balm I wasn't expecting good colour pay off, but oh was I surprised! Just look at how bright and pretty it looks! It gives a really shiny, healthy glossy look to my natural lip colour while adding a tint of colour too.

The formula is quite stiff at first and does need a little warming up, but afterwards applies really well to the lips (maybe a little sticky, but nothing too off-putting). Unfortunately I didn't exactly find it moisturising in any way...but certainly not drying to the lips. With regards to wear time, I'd say a good couple of hours before needing to re-apply. I should mention how gorgeous it smells too... a fruity watermelon scent, yummy! 

Overall this a great little product to carry around with you for touch-ups throughout a long day. Although I would probably describe it more of a lip gloss rather than a balm, its still brilliant, and I would definitely buy again. I'll see if I can find some other shades :)

If you'd like to try for yourself, check out your local Poundland store to see if you can find it. 
If not, I've found a link for this on Amazon for just £2.69 HERE 


  1. This looks like such a lovely shade! xxx

  2. This looks gorgeous, especially with the glitter! I love it when lip products have a good smell too :) I might see if I can pick one of these up xx

  3. that looks so nice xx

  4. I've picked this up from Poundland too and mine doesn't seem as pigmented as yours :/ Maybe I need to 'warm it up' like you said to make it work better haha :) Great post and pictures xx

  5. i've never seen this before but it looks really pretty! :)