Thursday, 15 November 2012

Our Weekend Break ♥ - Wrekin Premier Lodge Beaconsfield Park, Shrewsbury Review

Hi everyone! 
Hope you've had a good week! As promised, I'm going to share with you a bit about last weekend, where I planned a surprise romantic weekend for me and my boyfriend to celebrate his 21st birthday.

*This Post Is Photo & Description Heavy, Do Feel Free To Just Have A Nosey At The Pictures As I Do Ramble On A Bit*

We went to Beaconsfield Farm Park located in Shrewsbury. It was an hours drive, but it was lovely through the country lanes, barely any traffic too which was a nice change from the usual rush hours to and from work! The park was very secluded and was surrounded by countryside. Once we arrived, we checked into reception... the staff were polite and welcoming, we were informed of the amenities at the park and shown the way to our lodge and quickly shown how to use the hot tub.

I booked us the best lodge at the park, as it was a special occasion, this was the Wrekin Premier Lodge. I was actually really surprised at how big it was, like house-sized and it was multi-storey too. The appearance of it was very fitting to the countryside setting but with a modern looking twist to it. My little car even had its own garage space for the weekend!

When we got inside the lodge, I was pretty amazed by how beautiful, spacious and spotless it was! You could really tell why its given its 5 star rating. There was a complimentary bottle of wine and some pretty roses. The kitchen modernly fitted and kitted out with all the appliances you could possibly need, I must admit I had to learn how to use the electric oven & dishwasher haha. The living room had a widescreen TV with Freeview and DVD player, it had large patio doors leading out onto the decking with the hot tub. Upstairs there was a very open and light hallway with two outdoor balconys(This would be lovely in the summer, but was a little too cold for us at the moment).

There were two large bedrooms, each with their own en-suite shower rooms. We obviously chose to sleep in the bigger room which also had its own bath tub in the room, I've never seen a bath so big in my life. Everything was well presented, even a cute Teddy on the bed, which you could take home as a souvenir. You are provided with a hair dryer, alarm clock, towels and toiletries.

I actually did all the food shopping before we got there as I didn't want to give away where we were going. I didn't know what to expect with regards to cooking, so I bought ready meals, I don't think they were too bad though, in fact I'd actually prefer them to a lot of the normal things I'd eat at home.

So, what did we do for the weekend? Well, pretty much nothing! Which is exactly what I wanted,  it was a proper relaxing break for us as a couple, because we pretty much never even get a day together due to me working full time week days, and then Ashley working nights and weekends. So, we stopped up late drinking lots of wine, cuddling on the sofa and watching Dvd's. We then actually had a bit of a lie on on the mornings. We went for walks around the park to do a bit of exploring. On site there was also an A La Carte restaurant, swimming pool, coffee shop and there were even fishing pools. 

 I think my boyfriend enjoyed it (I hope so anyway). I understand its probably not the kind of thing most 21 year old would want to do for their birthday and I kept thinking I was being selfish for dragging him away, but honestly, it was much needed for the two of us together :) 

I would definitely recommend this park to anyone who's looking for a quiet getaway.
You can see more info on the website HERE.


  1. This looks lovely! I think this place is definitely on my list of places to go, it's looks gorgeous!

    P.s. Couldn't help but notice the Asti Martini wine on the table, that is my favourite wine :)
    Laura xoxo

    1. It really was a lovely place, a little expensive, but it was a nice treat haha.

      It's my fave too hehe :) xx

  2. sounds like a perfect birthday to me!
    it looks lush! I stayed in Shrewsbury before but it definitely wasn't as lovely as here!!

    glad you had a good time :) xx

  3. Wow! This looks amazing :) Logging on to the website as I speak!


    1. Hope you find something you like the look of on there :) haha xx

  4. awesome..hope u had a gr8 check my blog dear when u get time

    1. Thank you Preethi! Am heading over to your blog now :) xx

  5. wow how beautiful !!

    xx Liyana

  6. awww its beautiful xx

  7. This looks like it was so lovely! I'm glad you had a nice time :) xx

  8. Ι'm sooo jealous!!! :*

  9. It is always fun to enjoy shorts breaks, especially now when there are quite a number of accommodation to choose from especially those that provide weekend hotel breaks. Glad you enjoyed your vacation in that countryside lodge.

  10. Came here after reading your more recent post, this little lodge looks incredible!!

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