Monday, 26 November 2012

Instagram Diary #2

Hello Girls! 
Happy Monday!...Not. Ooooh how I'm wishing I didn't have to go to work soon. 
Hope you all enjoyed the weekend anyway, did you get up to much?

I don't know about you, but I think the weather lately here in the UK absolutely sucks! It's a little depressing this time of year, I go to work in the dark, and then I go home in the dark, and then it rains all weekend so you can't do anything, other than shopping of course ;)

You may remember me saying that I would try to incorporate more life related posts into my blog, but as of yet, that hasn't happened... Mainly due to the fact that in all honesty, my life really isn't very interesting so there's not much to write about haha. I've still been using Instagram so that will have to do for now, sorry guys. Here's a quick round up of the pics I've taken over the past couple of months....

Brothers Birthday Cake | Famous Light Up Lipglosses | Owl Stacker Rings | Finally Gave In To Fifty Shades | Presents From The Boyfriend :) | Glossybox | Panda Nails | Re-using Glossyboxes | Fave Choc Ever! | Owl Socks | Party Rings | Revlon Kissable, Lovesick | My Car Insurance | New Top | Bulmers Summer Fruits | Kinder Happy Hippo | GHD's | Beauty Buys | Bottle To Myself ;) | Primark Owl Jumper | I Really Want The Ciate Advent Calendar | Cute Mini Cupcakes | Products To Review | Glitter Nails |Hot Tub |Boyfriends 21st | Pressies For Ashley <3 | What It Takes To Get Me Out Of Bed On A Morning | My Blog Post On Our Weekend Trip | Rose From My Boyfriend | Me Before A Saturday Night Out | My New Blog Domain

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  1. woo i loved reading 50 shades of grey xx

  2. i love my ghd nothing compares to them! i enjoyed reading this :)