Monday, 1 October 2012

Review| MUA Intense Glitter Eyeliner - Malt Chocolate

Today I have a review on one of Make Up Academy's products from their original £1 range.
This is the MUA Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Malt Chocolate.
Overall there are 7 shades in the Intense Glitter range from MUA. 

Each of the pencils outer casing matches the actual eyeliner shade to give you a clearer 
ideaof the colour you are purchasing. 
As with most MUA products, there isn't really anything special about the packaging.
It's very simple and basic and just does the job its made for, to protect the product.
What more can you ask for, from a product so cheap?! 
The pencil even comes with it's own sharpener built into the lid.
Now I know MUA aren't the first company to do this, but it's a great idea. 
This is perfect for travelling so you don't have to carry extra items around with you. 

I normally only wear black eyeliners, and it does get a little boring. 
I wanted something to give a bit of extra colour but not too bright or OTT.
I have greeny-blue eyes & have been told go for golds/browns to contrast my eye colour. 
So this deep chocolate brown shade in Malt Chocolate seemed the perfect alternative.
The formula is smooth and creamy and doesn't tug at your skin like some eye liners do.
The eye liner itself gives good colour pay off and is very well pigmented. 
The colour intensity is very easily build-able on the eyelids and underneath the eye.
However I did struggle a little to get the colour to show up onto my waterline.
The little specs of silver glitter do show up well and just gives that extra bit of oomph! 

Overall this is once again a great quality affordable product from MUA.
It's available to buy in selected Superdrug stores.
& Also at the MUA store.
It costs just £1!


  1. This sounds really great. I love mua for their colour choices!xx

  2. I love MUA eye liners, but I agree, they never seem to stay put in the water line. This is such a nice colour and I might have to pick it up! By the way, I like the new layout of your blog :) xx

  3. sounds great! I have a couple of the matte eyeliners, but this would be so pretty for Christmas time! xx

  4. I have this too and love it:) Im loving MUA for eye products at the moment xx

  5. I still am yet to try any MUA products -- this looks lovely! x

  6. this looks like a great product! i haven tried any MUA pencils i will have to give it a go thanks for sharing :)

  7. I have this but in the black and its okay but it dont stay on for very long which is rather annoying but other than that its fine. Mua products are great.

  8. I love how it's sparkly, great colour too :)

  9. this is so pretty! defo gonna look out for it! so pleased i found your blog, it's great! new follower ! :) xx