Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekend Wishlist #5 - Owl Trend Theme


Just a quick wishlist post tonight girls. Hasn't this weekend gone so quickly? :( I wish Monday mornings didn't exist! I really haven't done much at all this weekend tbh, I went out clubbing on Friday night, its been such a long time since I last had a night out with the girls and it was great fun! I dragged myself out of bed on Saturday and decided to clean my car, which was a bad idea, it was so hot that the sun kept drying it too quickly and leaving smears everywhere haha, won't be doing that again in a hurry, it was a nightmare. Then I spent last night and most of today just relaxing with my boyfriend :) 

Tonight, I've prepared a couple of posts and had a browse around and decided to do a wishlist, but with a theme this time. I've been obsessing over everything to do with Owls for quite a few months now, and as the A/W clothes have started coming into the stores I've noticed a huge amount of Owl items and I've picked out some of my faves to share with you...

1. Owl Print Socks - Topshop - £3.50
2. Vintage Pearl & Crystal Owl Ring (Antique Gold Tone) - Amazon - £12.45
3. Sleeveless Owl Print Dress - Pilot - £22.00
4. Mantary Brown Floral Quilted Shoulder Bag - Debenhams - £39.00
5. Beige Owl Friendship Bracelet - River Island - £3.00
6. Limited Collection Owl Eye Palette - Marks & Spencers - £7.50
7. Red Herring Natural Knitted Owl Jumper - Debenhams - £28.00

What's your favourite item? & Will you be giving in to all this wonderful Owl stuff? 


  1. The owl jumper is so cute! I definitely have been seeing a lot of owl jewelry lately.

  2. great blog

  3. The owl palette looks so cute! Great selection of items. x

  4. i have been seeing owls everywhere to, i love them, there just so cute


  5. Might have to pick up the owl bracelet :) So cute! xx

  6. So cute! I'd definitely consider adding that jumper to my collection of jumpers with animals on them haha! And the dress is really nice too!

  7. This might sound geeky, but I love Harry Potter and i've seen quite a few posts showing outfit inspirations from the movie. These items are gorgeous! LOVE the socks and the ring!