Thursday, 20 September 2012

September Glossybox| Review & Contents

This month's box is called "Rising Stars" it's been introduced in time for London Fashion Week 
to show us some of the most exciting rising products across the fashion, design and beauty industry. 
This months box was exclusively designed by London-based illustrator Maggie Li.

I loved the unique design of this months box, it's super pretty, girly & unique.
I hope GB continue to bring out more of these exclusive design boxes! 
One thing I should say though, is that the internal packaging could have been a bit
more 'colour matched' to the outside of the box.

& Now, onto what I got in my box and some mini reviews...

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream
This daily face cream smooths and illuminates the skins texture, to minimise the 
appearance of flaws and wrinkles, & to improve complexion and give a radiant glow.
It's designed to suit any skin type and has been tested on sensitive skin.
For the ideal effect, this should be massaged into the skin every morning and evening.
I'm looking forward to trying this and introducing it into my skincare routine.
The sample is 15ml. Full size is £25 for 50ml.
Balance Me. Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream
This triple action eye cream soothes tired eyes, mask dark shadows, and 
reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
Containing Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Lemon, Cucumber & Coconut Oils
to brighten and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes.
I've been using this cream for a while now. I got it as a freebie with a mag.
It's fantastic and it really works! I'm glad I've got a top up now.
Sample size is 7ml. Full size is £20 for 15ml.
Lady Gaga - Fame Eau De Parfum
Lagy Gaga's debut fragrance, Fame, is the first of its kind, in the sense
that its a black fluid (representing the soul of fame) which becomes 
invisible once airborne. Now in all honesty, I don't see the fascination with this.
However it's such a gorgeous scent, and I'm tempted to buy a full size of this
once I've finished this sample. Although I am a little disappointed with this small
sample it's going to be handy for carrying around in the handbag. 
Sample is 1.2ml. Full size is £25 for 30ml.
Maghrabian Hair Oil
This oil is a multi functional product which acts as a serum, conditioner &
 treatment all in one. Its formula is pure Argan, which I've heard so much about lately.
The main benefits of the oil are to de-frizz, moisturise, repair and nourish your hair.
It's packed with vitamins for your hair. It has a slight scent but nothing overpowering.
The downside is that it's a little pricey compared to a lot of other 
hair oil treatments on the market. 
Sample size is 10ml. Full size is £24 for 100ml.
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum
At first I was quite disappointed to receive small sachets of this product, then 
I noticed the price of the full size! 
The serum is designed to mimic the effects of the Temple Viper Venom,
which gives a freeze-like effect, supporting the reduction of facial contractions.
Therefore minimising the appearance of fine lines and giving a plumping effect.
I'm looking forward to trying this out and seeing if it provides those all
important "instant visible results".
Sample size 2 x 1ml sachets. Full size is £127 for 50ml.

Rodial Glamoxy 5 Minute Facial Mask
This is a triple action skin resurfacing clay mask.
It's main uses are to lift and de-congest, which targets age spots & fine lines by 
stimulating natural collagen in the skin.
Vegetable collagen also provides a mild exfoliant, which reduces the appearance
of wrinkles and redness. This mask should be applied to the face and neck, left 
for 5 minutes/until dry and then gently rubbed off with your fingertips.
Sample size 2 x 1ml sachets. Full size £35 for 25ml.

I wasn't too impressed with the products of my box on first impressions.
2 of the 5 "luxury product samples" were literally just freebies that get handed out 
at beauty counters. But now after reading into the uses I am quite excited to try all
of them out and will definitely be using them all. 

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service.
It costs £10 + £2.95 P&P each month.


  1. Does the eye cream REALLY work? I have dark cicles and I've been looking for something that'll improve them for a while? xx

  2. I've only just signed up to Glossybox after seeing all the amazing products, but this one looks a bit...blah for my first box...anyway, the box is pretty enough to keep for storage :)

    Thank for the review <3

  3. Great stuff! But I do agree about these beauty boxes though..they need to stop giving out stuff that aren't even worth it to be called a "sample".. tsk tsk :/

  4. Great products~! I love the smell of Lady Gaga's perfume~! I love your blog!

    From Ashlee @ The Makeup Wonderland

  5. Oooh I love their new box design ! So pretty.
    I am hosting a blog hop today over at my blog :-)

  6. Awe! This box was so much better than the USA box!