Monday, 10 September 2012

Review| MUA Pro Mosaic Blush In English Rose

Today I have another review of a product from my MUA stash.
This is the Make Up Academy Professional Mosaic Blush in English Rose Shade 3.
The simple, basic yet sleek and stylish black and transparent packaging is a 
familiar sight to us MUA lovers. I think its fantastic because it provides quick and easy work of 
seeing the product inside. 
What most attracted me to buy this blush was the beautiful mosaic design.
I don't normally wear blusher, but this was just too pretty to miss. 
The powder itself is well pressed but does give a little fallout when applying.
The blush is consists of various shades of pinks, and one light lilac shade thrown in.
Some shades are rather more shimmery than others, however all shimmer 
formulas nonetheless.
I felt that the lilac and deep pink shades came off highly pigmented when swatched
individually, and the other lighter pink shades were very shimmery however 
didn't have very good colour pay off. From these swatches I was expecting the overall colour
to be a medium pink shade with slight shimmer effect.
Once swirled and blended together, the overall finish is a light pink shade with very
little shimmer effect. I think its quite a vivid shade of blush for me as my skin tone
is very light(without my usual application of fake tan). For some people this might even
work better as a highlighter rather than a blush. 

Overall I think its a cheap and cheerful product, and at the end of the day it does the job.
Another great buy from MUA in my opinion. 
This is available to buy from selected Superdrug stores and online at the MUA Store.
It's priced at just £2.50 for 8.9g.

What's your current fave blush? If you have this one, what do you think of it?


  1. Looks so pretty :) Really want to try this blusher :) xx

  2. I really want to try this, just because it looks so pretty! Lovely review :) xx

  3. May have to pick this one up for myself :) xxx

  4. This looks very pretty! I will look out for this! Thanks, Claire x

  5. this looks so fun!


  6. Those colors look so pretty separately and even better blended all together!
    BTW I nominated you in my last post! :)

  7. Lovely blush! I'm excited to start following you. I love chasing passions and dreams. Feel free to peek in on my dream chasing journey too:)!!!

  8. its so pretty how you can have so many different shades of blush and then when they come together its even prettier


  9. would love to see effect on ur pretty face Laura