Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Nail Varnish Collection: No7

This is now the 4th part of my nail varnish collection to share with you. These are my No7 polishes.
I don't have many, because they are pretty expensive at £7 a time! & Half of them are mini's...

 Highland Mist
 Milan 110
 Minty Fresh 320
 Pearly Pink 30
 Foxglove 80
 Poolside Blue 310
 Violetta 70
 Crave Me 210
 Lucky Lilac 50
 Cheeky Chops 240
 Miracle Taupe 05
 Sing The Blues (Miniature)
 Vivid Violet (Miniature)
 Hot To Trot (Miniature)
 Damson Dream (Miniature)
 Totally Teal (Miniature)
Oyster (Miniature)

What's your favourite No7 nail colour? 

& If you've been doing posts on your nail varnish collection, do let me know below... I'd love to have a look! :)


  1. Loved them .. I was using this brand skin products they r awesome 2 .. Cheek on my blog give away

  2. i have a voucher for no7 & want to get a varnish so thanks for this! x

  3. wow you have some really nice colours in your collection


  4. I have a few of these myself :) only buy them when I get the £5 off vouchers though! x

  5. Wow I want your collection, I really love Milano 110 and Minty Fresh! I love the bright colours.
    btw I found your blog through the BBU BlogHop. <3

  6. what a lot of NO7 polishes! you must really love them! :) i especially love the look of minty fresh! nice post :)


  7. the colors are really nice, and i would wear most of them myself! :)
    oh, and i now follow your blog..
    if you like, check out mine!

  8. Wow, that's lot of nice colours! I love painting my nails, but the polish remover makes me gag a little, so try to pro-long re-painting for a few days/a week.

    I wrote a post featuring La Femme Beauty polish here: , I know it's not a top-notch brand, but I find there polish to be just as good as anything that costs a lot :)

  9. Pearly Pink and Cheeky Chops look like they are something I would definitely wear!