Saturday, 8 September 2012

My Nail Growth Saviour| Essie - Grow Faster Treatment

I'm sure we've all tried endless amounts of products and treatments to get our nails to grow faster haven't we? I know I have over the years, and in all honesty, I've never really found anything that does the trick for my nails, as they have always been quite weak, and although I've never been a "nail biter" they just don't seem to want to grow. I had been wearing nail extensions for a few months earlier this year too, which caused them to be in even worse condition. I'd pretty much given up hope, until now... 
This nail growth treatment by Essie claims to give you 27% longer nails in just 5 days! This nail treatment has been designed specifically to promote nail growth for healthy, normal nails. The base coat includes Argan Oil for conditioning, nail builders for growth, and micro nutrients to nourish the nails. All in all, providing all the ingredients for stronger, longer nails. 

The varnish comes in its own box, with instructions for use. The bottle and varnish are green however once applied to the nails its clear and gives a glossy effect, which to me instantly makes the nails look better anyway. 

Essie Grow Faster is recommended for use with or without a nail colour. I have been using it as a base coat, I apply one coat of this, then two coats of whatever nail colour I choose, then finish off with another coat of this. 

The formula has been clinically proven to show longer nails in 3 days, and a 27% length difference in 5 days (Free edge nail measurement). Now although I have not measured my nails exactly to prove these claims. I have noticed a considerable difference in the appearance, strength and length of my nails since using this product, so it most definitely works! 

I purchased from TK Maxx for just £3.99. I've found this link on Essie's website for you to purchase, the packaging has been re-designed by the looks of it. But be sure to pop into your local TK Maxx to see if you can find it. 

What's your favourite product or tip/trick to help your nails grow? 

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  1. I've been using an Avon grow potion recently, but I've been looking at investing in a polish instead. I think I'll have to give this one a go! :) xx

  2. Hi Laura, I've just come across your blog via Hedgehog Loves' page and I love it, it's great - I especially loved your Minnie Mouse Nails tutorial - how cute! Feel free to take a wee gander at my blog. Mary x

  3. i need to try this, my nails just break! :(

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  5. Uh oh! How did I manage to delete my comment! here it is:

    hallelujah for finding a nail strenghtener that actually works! I have tried countless myself *but* I will tell you that avon's nail growth/strengthener has actually worked really, really well! I think it's funny that ppl in the UK have a TK Maxx. ours in the US is TJ Max. i wonder which was first...? yours seems better because you guys actually have a website for yours! TJ Maxx doesn't have 1!

  6. Great review! I've never really looked into nail growth products because I feel like they're a waste of money but this one seems brilliant! x