Saturday, 29 September 2012

Top 10 Autumn/Winter Nail Varnishes Part 1 - Autumn

So Autumn is well and truly upon us. 
We can wave goodbye to whatever summer we had this year, and welcome evenings in front
of the fire with a cup of hot choc, chilly mornings, and chunky knit jumpers :)
I love autumn, and am loving the fashion and colours for the upcoming A/W months.
So I thought today I would share with you some of the nail varnishes I think will
be perfect for us this autumn...
Revlon - Totally Toffee 034
I'm not too sure why but this for me literally screams Autumn!
Its a medium brown shade with hints of orange/red. 
Kind of makes me think about toffee apples, mmmmm :)
This polish applies really well, similar to most Revlon's I own.
It gives completely opaque coverage with just 2 coats. 
Barry M - Raspberry 273
This is an absolutely gorgeous shade for Autumn. 
We all love a splash of red, whether it be a lipstick or nail varnish, and this is it!
Its a very deep red, with hints of purple & brown undertones.
(Unfortunately I just couldn't seem to get the true colours to show for this shade! Sorry)
Barry M never fail to impress me, they apply well and have great colour pay off.
Available from Boots, Superdrug and Barry M for just £2.99.
Accessorize - Pink Spice 35
This makes me think of trees in the autumn months, just as the leaves are turning 
an orange/red-brown colour, and when you walk along and they are crunching
under your feet. A little imagination time for you there ;)
I love everything about this polish, the multi tonal colours and the shimmery, 
metallic and glitter effect it gives. It applies opaque with as little as one coat too!
You can purchase from Superdrug for £3.45.
Barry M - Cappuccino 341
This is the perfect Nude shade for Autumn in my opinion. 
This doesn't sound too appealing but its like a "muddy" brown shade with purple undertones.
I like the name of this shade, who doesn't love a nice hot drink in the cold weather? 
Again, this nail paint applies really well, you can easily coat each nail with just one stroke.
You can purchase from Boots, Superdrug & Barry M for just £2.99
(Another shade I will recommend similar to this for autumn is Barry M-Mushroom)
Deborah Lippman - Razzle Dazzle
Excited for CHRISTMAS? I'm not...Yet. But this is the perfect Christmas day nail colour!
Jewels, glitter and all things pretty and sparkly. I love it.
I received this mini bottle in a Glossybox last December.
The polish itself is a sheer black base packed with specks of ruby red glitters.
It does take a fair few coats to get the coverage & colour shown in the photo above.
You can buy full size here for £10.75

You can view the second part of my A/W collection over at Georgia's blog.
Click the image below to take you there... 

What do you think of my top 5 for Autumn? 
& Have you done a similar post, or recommend any shades? :)


Friday, 28 September 2012

Review| Sally Hansen Dry-Kwik Polish Dryer

So... You've just finished pampering and painting your nails, they look gorgeous and you're really happy with them! You forget about the fact they're not properly dry. You start doing something else, and when you remember... you've got a great big chunk missing, or a smudge, or finger print in your newly painted nails! I hate it, don't you? Well, let me introduce you to a product I've recently fell in love with....

Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Polish Dryer is an easy to use brush on formula.
It claims to dry nail polish quickly, prevent smearing/smudging & scuffing without dulling the shine. 

As you can see it comes in a bottle in the same form as a normal nail polish, with a brush for easy application. However the bristles are quite stiff and the brush is very thin, which can be a little awkward, & if you aren't careful and press too hard you could actually ruin your nail design anyway. 

The formula is very thin and oily, meaning you don't need to use a lot for each nail. The main ingredient is mineral oil, which after a little research I've found is in a lot of nail dryers, including the ones which come in aerosols.

The liquid does have a slight scent to it, which I really can't describe but its nothing overpowering or off-putting. Also, because its oil based it is quite greasy, but once the nails are dry you can massage this in to your cuticles for a moisturising effect. 

It is recommended for use after painting your nails with base coat, colour and top coat as you normally would. You should then leave your nails to dry for 1 minute before applying Dry-Kwik, using light brush strokes. Leave the nails to completely dry and then massage the excess oil into cuticles and surrounding nail area. As a finishing tip I always run my hands under very cold water just to set them completely remove any excess oils.

It's touch dry within around a minute, however would leave it for a good five minutes or so, just to be completely sure. 

Dry Kwik is part of a huge range of "Manicure Aids" from Sally Hansen.
You can view their products here.

I purchased this for just £1 from my local B&M Store.
I've found you can buy it online for £1.50 from Fragrance Direct.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Review| Miss Sporty Dr Balm - Glam Kiss & Gossip Kiss

Miss Sporty is a brand I used to reach for in my early teens, due to cheaper pricing. 
However not so much now. But I was drawn to Dr Balm by the super cute retro packaging! 
There are 3 different shades in total. I chose 02 - Glam Kiss and 03 Gossip Kiss.
There is also 01- Sweet Kiss, which I will most probably pick up next time I'm shopping.

These balms claim to heal and moisturise your lips while providing a faint hint of colour.
They certainly live up to these claims. Although its doesn't apply as thickly as some
lip balms such as Vaseline and Nivea, these do provide a light, non-sticky, glossy, 
moisturising coat to the lips.

02 - Glam Kiss applies as a pretty sheer medium pink shade. 
03 - Gossip Kiss applies as a sheer bright coral-y orange shade. 
The colour pay off for both is only very faint, I'd say it lasts a good couple of hours, 
which is great considering they are only balms, not lipsticks after all. 

& Last but not least, I should definitely mention the gorgeous scent.
They both smell really fruity and yummy.  I'm pretty sure it's watermelon.
Mmmmm :)

These lipsticks are priced at a mere £1.99 each! 
& Are available at Boots and Superdrug! 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Review & Swatches| OPI Nothin' Mousie Bout It

Nothin' Mousie Bout It, is one of four polishes released as part of the Vintage Minnie 
Mouse Collection by O.P.I earlier this year. 

This particular polish was the one that I had been lusting after ever since I first
laid eyes on it. However just couldn't bring myself to pay the £11 for it! 
Once again my lovely boyfriend stepped up and bought it as a surprise gift for me.
I was so excited to try it out. 

The polish itself has a clear base, filled with tiny baby pink iridescent specks, 
and large baby pink heart shaped sequins. The liquid is really quite thick
however the brush is wide and it applies really well. 

Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with the heart sequins. Although they do
come out of the bottle onto the brush, they don't adhere to the nail surface along
with the rest of the polish. I ended up using an orange stick to place each individual heart 
onto my nails to provide the equally spaced out swatches above. 
But in the end it was well worth the hassle, because it just looks soooo pretty :)

The finishing texture is a little rough on the surface however a good top coat
will soon sort this out, and will add a bit of extra shine. Although it's really 
not necessary as the polish itself dries with a glossy effect anyway. 

*For reference I have layered Nothin' Mousie Bout It on top of Missguided Misstify
nail polish in the above swatches for effect. 

This was unfortunately from a limited edition polish collection.
Most online stockists have sold out, however you can pick it up on ebay. 
Take a look here. It retails for around the £11 mark. 

Have you got any of the Minnie Mouse Collection?
What's your favourite?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

September Glossybox| Review & Contents

This month's box is called "Rising Stars" it's been introduced in time for London Fashion Week 
to show us some of the most exciting rising products across the fashion, design and beauty industry. 
This months box was exclusively designed by London-based illustrator Maggie Li.

I loved the unique design of this months box, it's super pretty, girly & unique.
I hope GB continue to bring out more of these exclusive design boxes! 
One thing I should say though, is that the internal packaging could have been a bit
more 'colour matched' to the outside of the box.

& Now, onto what I got in my box and some mini reviews...

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream
This daily face cream smooths and illuminates the skins texture, to minimise the 
appearance of flaws and wrinkles, & to improve complexion and give a radiant glow.
It's designed to suit any skin type and has been tested on sensitive skin.
For the ideal effect, this should be massaged into the skin every morning and evening.
I'm looking forward to trying this and introducing it into my skincare routine.
The sample is 15ml. Full size is £25 for 50ml.
Balance Me. Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream
This triple action eye cream soothes tired eyes, mask dark shadows, and 
reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
Containing Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Lemon, Cucumber & Coconut Oils
to brighten and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes.
I've been using this cream for a while now. I got it as a freebie with a mag.
It's fantastic and it really works! I'm glad I've got a top up now.
Sample size is 7ml. Full size is £20 for 15ml.
Lady Gaga - Fame Eau De Parfum
Lagy Gaga's debut fragrance, Fame, is the first of its kind, in the sense
that its a black fluid (representing the soul of fame) which becomes 
invisible once airborne. Now in all honesty, I don't see the fascination with this.
However it's such a gorgeous scent, and I'm tempted to buy a full size of this
once I've finished this sample. Although I am a little disappointed with this small
sample it's going to be handy for carrying around in the handbag. 
Sample is 1.2ml. Full size is £25 for 30ml.
Maghrabian Hair Oil
This oil is a multi functional product which acts as a serum, conditioner &
 treatment all in one. Its formula is pure Argan, which I've heard so much about lately.
The main benefits of the oil are to de-frizz, moisturise, repair and nourish your hair.
It's packed with vitamins for your hair. It has a slight scent but nothing overpowering.
The downside is that it's a little pricey compared to a lot of other 
hair oil treatments on the market. 
Sample size is 10ml. Full size is £24 for 100ml.
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum
At first I was quite disappointed to receive small sachets of this product, then 
I noticed the price of the full size! 
The serum is designed to mimic the effects of the Temple Viper Venom,
which gives a freeze-like effect, supporting the reduction of facial contractions.
Therefore minimising the appearance of fine lines and giving a plumping effect.
I'm looking forward to trying this out and seeing if it provides those all
important "instant visible results".
Sample size 2 x 1ml sachets. Full size is £127 for 50ml.

Rodial Glamoxy 5 Minute Facial Mask
This is a triple action skin resurfacing clay mask.
It's main uses are to lift and de-congest, which targets age spots & fine lines by 
stimulating natural collagen in the skin.
Vegetable collagen also provides a mild exfoliant, which reduces the appearance
of wrinkles and redness. This mask should be applied to the face and neck, left 
for 5 minutes/until dry and then gently rubbed off with your fingertips.
Sample size 2 x 1ml sachets. Full size £35 for 25ml.

I wasn't too impressed with the products of my box on first impressions.
2 of the 5 "luxury product samples" were literally just freebies that get handed out 
at beauty counters. But now after reading into the uses I am quite excited to try all
of them out and will definitely be using them all. 

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service.
It costs £10 + £2.95 P&P each month.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Nail Varnish Collection: No7

This is now the 4th part of my nail varnish collection to share with you. These are my No7 polishes.
I don't have many, because they are pretty expensive at £7 a time! & Half of them are mini's...

 Highland Mist
 Milan 110
 Minty Fresh 320
 Pearly Pink 30
 Foxglove 80
 Poolside Blue 310
 Violetta 70
 Crave Me 210
 Lucky Lilac 50
 Cheeky Chops 240
 Miracle Taupe 05
 Sing The Blues (Miniature)
 Vivid Violet (Miniature)
 Hot To Trot (Miniature)
 Damson Dream (Miniature)
 Totally Teal (Miniature)
Oyster (Miniature)

What's your favourite No7 nail colour? 

& If you've been doing posts on your nail varnish collection, do let me know below... I'd love to have a look! :)