Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Review| Revlon Downtown Nail Enamel

Hey everyone! :) 

Just wanted to share with you this super pretty Revlon nail polish I found in my local Poundland store a while back. I only tried it out the other day as I'm finally beginning to try out all my nail varnishes. I loved it instantly as soon as it went on my nails, and will definitely try and wear this more often...
The shade is Revlon "Downtown". I believe this was part of Revlon's "Edgy Elegance" collection. Its a cool, icey blue shade. It has a glittering foil effect to it which I love, it looks so pretty on. The formula is great, it applied really well and gave completely opaque coverage with just 2 coats. As with most Revlon polishes it dried really quickly too, once dried it has a semi matte finish but I think this is typical of a lot of heavily glittered nail polishes. 

I've searced all over the net to try and find somewhere for you to buy this nail varnish, but it looks like it was maybe a limited edition polish or part of a discontinued range as I've only managed to find it on eBay for a very expensive £8! Maybe you could just give your local pound shop a go? Even if you don't find this, you might find something else you like instead ;) 


  1. Gorgeous colour! I love how shimmery it is!

  2. what a bargain, this looks so lovely! xx

  3. I love this finish. Always nice to find a bargain at Poundland :-)

  4. I've never seen a colour like this before, it's beautiful!! also, thankyou for following me!
    Jade xx

  5. The colour is gorgeous! Im your newest follower! Please take a look at my blog and follow if you want:

  6. Gorgeous colour, definitely a bargain at £1! :) xx

  7. Love the glittery shimmer to this shade! Fab choice. I did an ambre nails post a day or two ago if your interested in taking a look! x

  8. Love glittery polishes! I hope i can find this!
    There's only one thing that bothers me from Revlon's polishes, the FAST DRY line seems to leave my nails air bubbles, and it looks unattractive :( I hope this won't happen with glitter polishes. Has this ever happened to you with other Revlon nail polishes? xx


  9. So pretty <3

  10. Very pretty! I love blue nail polishes.

  11. I just bought 2 yellow Revlon polishes from Poundland! A pastel one and a really bright one, you gotta love a bargain ;-)

    Vanessa x

  12. Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    This colour looks fab! I need it in my life!
    Great post!

    Natasha Carly x