Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Review| Avon Super Curlacious Mascara

Avon Super Curlacious mascara has quickly become my 2nd most used mascara, next to my Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara which I reviewed HERE. I actually got this as a freebie with a magazine a couple of months back, I'm sure some of you will remember there were 3 mascara's in total to try out but this was the one I was most interested in. 
First off, I really like the packagaging, its sleek, stylish and appealing to the eye, and although it may be a little dull I like the simple style and effect of the hot pink writing on the black tube. 
The wand is the curved "spoon" shape - my personal favourite, and one which I always look out for now when trying out new mascara's. The curved brush is designed to grab each lash from corner to corner and provide curl and volume! This particular brush is dense and covered in short plastic bristles to give even coverage without clumping. 

The mascara I've got is in shade 'black'. The formula itself is quite thick however it covers well and dries reasonably quick after application. It has great wear time and doesn't smudge or flake. 
My natural eyelashes.
My lashes with 1 coat of Avon Super Curlacious
My lashes with 2 coats of Avon Super Curlacious 

Unfortunately I barely noticed any extra curl to my natural lashes, so would definitely recommend using eyelash curlers with this one. Other than that it provides a great volume and length to the lashes. It's perfect for those who prefer a more natural eye look as after a couple of layers I found my lashes became a little stiff, so this really wouldn't layer too well for a dramatic night out kinda look.

The mascara is easy to remove, even with mild eye make up removers, and doesn't seem to irritate my eyes (which are usually quite sensitive). The mascara does have a slight glue-like scent, but nothing overpowering/offputting.

Overall this is a great mascara, and is available to buy from Avon online and is currently on offer at just £5! RRP £8.50 for 7ml.

Have you tried this mascara, & what are your thoughts? 
Or do you recommend any others similar? 


  1. Looks like a great mascara :) Thanks for sharing !

  2. at just £5, this sounds like a great bargain


  3. The results look amazing ! but it is always hard to get hold of Avon products here :(

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  5. Wow, this mascara seems to work really well on you, your lashes look so pretty! I'd definitely have to use a curler if I were to try this mascara, my lashes are quite short haha

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