Monday, 27 August 2012

Freebie| 17 Get Bronzed, It's Glow Time

You may know me as a bit of a bargain hunter by now, always browsing for something new. While I was out shopping the other day, I noticed that 17 had got another freebie offer on their products.
The offer was, if you spent £5.99 on any product from the range, you got the "Get Bronzed" Kit FREE!

So I set about my chances trying to find something for exactly £5.99, now normally this never happens because they tactically price the products to edge around the minimum spending price, but I found that the BB Balm was on offer at £5.99 rather than the normal £6.99. So I picked up this and my free gift to take to the counter. While I was there the lady on the till told me I'd got over £8 worth of points on my Advantage Card. So I used some of them up to pay for this. So I didn't pay a thing! :)

I can't wait to try out all of these products, I love the look of all the items in the Bronzing kit, I'll definitely be using the eyeshadow often at least. I'll try and post up reviews of these items at some point in the future haha. 

Are you going to take advantage of this offer? 


  1. woww..worth trying..i will go to boots tomorrow..

  2. Wish I could get my hands on these look nice!

  3. Say hello to your new follower! I found your blog from Brightside Beauty Blog Hop :D

    Glad I found this blog, more sourse of my beauty addiction :D

    and that box look so delish! lol

  4. The 17 BB cream is my favorite of all the bb creams I've tried. 17 always has such good freebies! x

  5. thats really pretty xx

  6. def worth a try! just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! xo

  7. Love bronzers!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo

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