Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Sunday Shopping!

Hey, hope you've all had a great weekend! Sorry I haven't posted much this week, works been stressing me out a little and I have been struggling to find the time to myself to sit down and get posts up. But I'm here now, so hopefully time to make up for my absence...

I've done a little bit of shopping today, unfortunately... by a little bit, I mean quite a lot! It doesn't look much to look at it when your buying beauty products because they're all so small, but it all adds up! 

Anway, thought Id do a new kind of post and share with you my weekend shopping buys :) 

Cosmopolitan Magazine with a free Misguided Nail Polish(Orange-Missmatch) £3.50
Glamour Magazine, with free Balance Me Face Wash £2
Glamour Magazine, with free Balance Me Face Moisturiser £2
Glamour Magazine, with free Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream £2
Glamour Magazine, with free Balance Me Lip Salve £2
Marie Claire Magazine, with free Avon Super Curlacious Mascara £3.70
Elle Magazine, with free St.Tropez Gradual Tan(Medium/Dark) £3.90
Relentless Energy Drink, new flavour Apple & Kiwi £1.39
(I'm actually really excited to try this, I love energy drinks and it sounds like such a yummy flavour)

Total - £20.49

Pink skinny belt with gold loveheart detailing £1 
Set of stacker rings £2
Primarks version of the "tangle teezer" £1.50

Total - £4.50

Nail Buffer Set £1
Ambray nail varnish remover with strengthening effect - 2 for £1
Revlon Nail Polish (168 Temptress) £1
Revlon Nail Polish (410 Endless Possibilities) £1
Revlon Nail Polish (925 Gold Coin) £1
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength(28 Save the Date) £1
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (Pumpkin Spice) £1
Moxie Tampon Set, with 2 pretty tin holders £1
(I was unsure whether to actually include these on here, but as they were in such cute packaging, and obviously its an essential for us girls! I thought why the heck not!) 

Total - £8

 Derma V10 Foam Colour (Dark Red Brown) £1.99 
Garnier Skin Naturals, Self Heating Sauna Mask 2 sachets for 99p 
Technic Electric Hair Mascara (Pink) £1.49
Technic Electric Hair Mascara (Purple) £1.49

Total - £5.96

L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick(301 Dating Coral) -
L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick(101 Tempting Lilac) - These were on offer 2 for £11.99
NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer - On offer at £2.49
Batiste Dry Shampoo (Seductive and Elegant Lace) - On offer at £1.49
New Nivea Pure & Natural Lip Balm (Milk & Honey) - On offer at £1.49
MUA Lipstick (Shade 5) £1
MUA Lipstick (Shade 3) £1
MUA Single Eyeshadow (Pearl Shade 11) £1
MUA Single Eyeshadow (Pearl Shade 3) £1

Total - £21.46

Sally Hansen Instand Cuticle Remover £1.99
NYC Smooth Mineral Starter Kit (755A Basic Brown) £1.49

Total - £3.48

Overall total spent this weekend on beauty products etc, comes to....

Hope you enjoyed this post!

I will be doing separate posts/reviews on some of the items included in this one, so if you would like to me swatch/review any specific items, please leave a comment below, & I'll do my best :)


  1. I love the look of Revlon Nail Polish in Gold Coin and I think I need Primarks version of the tangle teezer!
    I really want a B&M store near me I keep seeing so many amazing deals!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer, You got some great buys!

    1. The Gold Coin varnish is surprisingly from Revlons current range! Normally I find that from the pound shop they are discontinued colours, however I shocked to find the exact same one in Boots for £6.49!

      I'll make a note to review the NYC Primer :) Thanks! x

  2. What a productive weekend. ;) It seems like magazines in the UK give out really generous freebies; not so much in Australia! That is a really cute belt from Primark :) xx

    1. Yes, the last couple of months especially have been great. Last month was my favourite as there was lots of nail varnish! :)

      Thanks! Not bad for just a pound haha xx

  3. The Revlon nail varnishes look really pretty :) I'm looking for a new primer so I may check out the NYC one you picked up xx

    1. I did try it out a little today and its made my skin appear instantly more awake and hydrated, its got a nice shimmer to it aswell! :) Not bad for just £2.49! :) xxx

  4. You got a ton of stuff! Wow! I've heard really good things about the St Tropez tanner, but I haven't tried it. Everything looks fantastic!

    1. I'm yet to try the St.Tropez Tan. I will do a quick review on it once I've tried it out a little. I'm looking forward to trying it, and hope I don't love it too much because its normally too expensive! :( xx

  5. I've heard alot recently about pound shops having some really good makeup in, and now after seeing those gorgeous revlon nail varnishes I'm going to have to go hunting for some bargains!

    1. You should definitely go and have a hunt around! :)

      It depends, sometimes you're lucky, and you'll pick up tonnes of great buys, other times there's barely anything other than their not so great own brand make up. xx

  6. wait a second!? poundland sells revlon?! it's not my favourite nail polish brand but it'll certainly do for £1!! i'm so amazed ha ha!

    1. Poundland usually have a load of different makeup brands. Sometimes theres more choice than others, but you should definitely check them out :) xx

  7. Those Revlon polishes are a bargain, might have a look in there tomorrow while I'm at work!


    1. You should definitely have a look! :) It was in Poundworld up Merry Hill, the bigger of the two pound stores! xx

  8. Wowza!! Looks like a fun shopping trip Laura! :)

    I'm sooo jealous! hehe. I need to check out Poundland! Also, is Mua always so cheap?! I've never tried it myself


    1. MUA is amazingly cheap! You should definitely check them out, try your local Superdrug, they may have some stock in, or try MUA Store online, they've got their whole range there! :) xxx

  9. Woohoo fab haul hun. I'm loving all the nail stuff you got from Poundland. I'll be looking forward seeing those polishes in action x :-)

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