Tuesday, 31 July 2012

MUA Starry Night Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches


Another MUA Eyeshadow Palette review for you today. 

This one is on their 'Starry Night' Palette. Which is a gorgeous palette, containing 12 shimmering shades of greys, silvers, blues and pinks. I'd say this palette would be perfect for creating that glam, sexy look for a night out on the town. 

If you aren't familiar with the MUA brand, they started out in Superdrug stores with all their products priced at just £1 each! Since then they have expanded and now have the MUA Pro range, where products can range between £1-£8. Still, great value! 

The packaging is trademark for most MUA products, the simple but stylish black and transparent case. I think this is wonderful as you can easily see what's inside the palettes without having to open them. (Great idea I'd say! I hate it when you find palettes and makeup with fingermarks smudged everywhere from people messing inside the packaging!)

The set does some with its own double ended sponge applicator, which I have actually began using with these palettes now, because I find you don't get as much fall out from the eyeshadows compared to using an eyeshadow brush with them.

Unfortunately MUA don't name their eyeshadows, they just name the whole palette. But to be fair with the huge collection they've got, it would take them forever to name them all individually! 

As with most MUA eyeshadows I've found these to be very well pigmented and the colour pay off is amazing, there is very little eyshadow fall out too. They are smooth and creamy to apply and have long wear time, especially when used with MUA's Eye Primer, just £2.50! 

*Photo shows top row of the palette from left to right
I will call them shades 1 to 6 for the sake of this review*
Shade 1 is a metallic silvery lilac.
Shade 2 is a shimmering baby pink
Shade 3 is a deep steel grey.
Shade 4 is a shimmering silver.
Shade 5 is a metallic blue/grey.
Shade 6 is a black with very little shimmer.

*Photo shows bottom row of the palette from left to right
I will call them shades 7 to 12 for the sake of this review*

Shade 7 is a mid grey shimmer.
Shade 8 is a silvery white.
Shade 9 is a light silver shimmer (similar but lighter than shade 4)
Shade 10 is a very pale blue/silver.
Shade 11 is a smokey purple.
Shade 12 is a shimmering lilac.


Overall I think this is a fantastic make up product to own, its amazing quality and so cheap too! You really can't go wrong with it.

This is available to buy from selected Superdrug stores, if they stock a decent range of the Pro products. OR you can find it online at the MUA Store, here.

Have you bought the Starry Night Palette, or will you be buying it now? :)


  1. I'm loving the metallic blue shade! fab post :)xo
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  2. Another fabulous review! These colors are gorgeous!

  3. These shades look so pretty and shimmery! Loving how feminine the colours are!

  4. This palette is absolutely gorgeous! I can't get over how inexpensive MUA products are!

  5. this is a lovely palette, my favourite shade is the really metallic looking blue/ grey. It goes really well under the lower lashline with a smokey eye x

  6. this palette looks lovely! i need to go and stock up on some more mua products :-) x

  7. I want to try MUA, I think I'll order off their site soon. :) That is a great palette!Loved the top row colours. :)

  8. These are gorgeous colours :) my Starry Night palette is on its way to me as we speak! I cant wait <3 xox

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  9. I've been looking for a second MUA palette that I'll love as much as the heaven & earth one, and I think it might just be this one! They all look like such gorgeous colours :)xx